Kim Kardashian ‘Can’t Stop’ Getting Plastic Surgery, Source Claims

Kim Kardashian allegedly “can’t stop” getting plastic surgery, despite husband Kanye West’s pleas to pump the brakes on the cosmetic procedures.

According to reports, Kim’s apparent need to get plastic surgery to alter her appearance has allegedly caused serious tension in her reportedly already fractured marriage with Kanye, as New York Daily News reported that the rapper’s mom tragically passed away from complications from a routine plastic surgery operation for a breast reduction and a tummy tuck in 2007.

“Kim can’t stop,” a source close to the Kardashian clan said of Kim’s alleged plastic surgeries to Radar Online, claiming that Kardashian’s supposed addiction to having cosmetic procedures done is putting a serious strain on her and Kanye’s marriage as the divorce rumors continue to loom.

The site’s insider alleged that Kanye is so against Kim going under the knife after the tragedy that struck his mother a decade ago that he has supposedly “threatened her by telling her he would leave her if she continued getting work done.”

But while Kim has never officially confirmed nor denied that she’s had plastic surgery to alter her appearance, Radar Online’s source told the site that Kardashian’s supposed recent procedures have altered the reality star’s appearance so much that she “can’t deny it anymore.”

Kim Kardashian allegedly “can’t stop” getting plastic surgery as Kanye West urges her to stop
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“Even though everyone is telling her she is starting to not look like herself, Kim thinks that the more plastic she looks the better,” said the source amid the surgery allegations.

Notably, Kardashian was spotted at a plastic surgeon’s office this week and even confirmed to fans that she was having a procedure done on Snapchat, just days after Kim confirmed on Twitter that she had visited the surgeon on February 8 for a late night appointment.

“Late night Dr. Ourian sessions are always the best!” Kardashian told her more than 50 million followers earlier this month.

Kim Kardashian then revealed that she made a return visit to cosmetic surgeon Dr. Ourian on February 19 for a procedure, telling fans that she was actually having her stretch marks removed.

Posting a video to the social media app showing her time in the doctor’s chair, Kardashian admitted that she was “scared” to have the surgery done but was happy with the results.

“I feel so excited that I finally did it,” Kim said of having her stretch marks lasered off on Snapchat according to E! News. “I’ve been so scared to do it, like it hurts so badly, and it didn’t hurt that badly. So I’m so grateful and I’m so excited. I love you, Dr. Ourian!”

Though the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star hasn’t spoken out when it comes to getting any other plastic surgery procedures done recently, Kim has been hit by a slew of plastic surgery accusations in recent weeks as fans accused the star of using her time away from the cameras following her robbery in October to go under the knife and get some work done.

Kim Kardashian reportedly "can't stop" getting plastic surgery, despite Kanye West's hesitations
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A number of plastic surgeons, who have not treated the star, alleged to Radar Online that Kim may have undergone cosmetic surgeries in the weeks that followed her robbery last year, claiming that her cheekbones now appear more prominent while suggesting Kardashian may have opted to get fillers.

But while Kim has stayed tight-lipped about possible plastic surgery beyond her Snapchat post and hasn’t spoken out regarding rumors Kanye wants her to stop, that certainly hasn’t stopped a slew of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star’s fans from speculating about her changing looks on social media.

A number of Twitter users accused Kardashian of having work done on social media, claiming it appears that Kim may have gotten plastic surgery.

“I wonder what Kim would look like today without the countless amounts of plastic surgery,” @Dan_Pederesen wrote amid the plastic surgery accusations swirling around Kardashian and Twitter user @chr1stopher_ tweeted, “Kardashian might be fake, but those plastic surgeons did an amazing job.”

What do you think of reports claiming Kim Kardashian allegedly “can’t stop” getting plastic surgery despite Kanye West’s pleas to stop?

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