‘Monday Night Raw’ 2/20/17: Strowman Pins Big Show After Fierce Clash Of Titans

Strowman continued to cause destruction on Monday Night RAW after he took out and pinned down his giant opponent, the Big Show. He then closed the show by defending himself from a surprise attack from Roman Reigns and delivering his signature move in order to close the show. Roman Reigns will now be facing Strowman as his upcoming opponent at WWE Fastlane. Meanwhile, Enzo and Big Cass will face Gallows and Anderson after beating Cesaro and Sheamus

Kevin Owens Smart Moves On Stage

Monday Night Raw kicked off with Universal champion Kevin Owens in the ring, dressed in a suit. Fans had not heard from him since last week after he ended up fighting his former best friend Chris Jericho. The audience at the Staples Center cried out who their rival will be at Fastlane, Goldberg. The segment was pretty showy as Owens was alone on the stage focusing on his path to becoming champion.

Monday Night Raw Kevin Owens
Kevin Owens (Photo by JP Yim/Getty Images)

During his participation, Kevin Owens spoke about Bill Goldberg who beat Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series. Owens remarked that his victory was based on pure luck. Owens also emphasized that he knows perfectly well what was to be done so that he is not entrapped in the same fate as Lesnar. About Chris Jericho, Owens started to speak but then threw the microphone and walked away, leaving the audience intrigued and inquisitive.

Enzo and Big Cass: The New Contenders For RAW

Focusing on the fights, the show started with the pair fight which would determine who would be the aspiring pair for the RAW title and would consequently be the faces for Fastlane. To determine that, the contenders Enzo Amore and Big Cass faced off against Cesaro and Sheamus. The two teams had their moment of glory in trying to be victorious. Enzo and Big Cass were able to snatch their ticket from their opponents, who gave them a tough fight indeed.

It’s fair enough to state that Enzo saved the match when he stopped Cesaro from executing his Cesaro Swing on Big Cass, consequently setting him up for the East River Crossing. After their hard-fought win, even though Big Cass went straight to the locker room, Enzo did not hesitate to take the opportunity of spitting some fire at Cesaro only to get a Brogue Kick directed at his face from Sheamus, the Celtic Warrior. All in all, Enzo Amore and Big Cass took the victory and the team is now going to face Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson at WWE Fastlane.

Monday Night Raw (2/20/17): The Clash of Titans Unfolds

The main event of yesterday inevitably had something special stored for fans. It included a very special duel or rather a clash of titans between the Big Show and Braun Strowman after their bout at Royal Rumble. Strowman threw the Big Show out of the ring and continued to show his immense strength to finally an opponent of his own size. The Big Show successfully kicked his way out from the first Running Powerslam and managed to knock his opponent off his feet by swiftly delivering a chokeslam and a thunderous Superman Punch. Things looked bleak for Braun Strowman until he was able to turn the tables entirely. Braun Strowman turned the tables with a dropkick and a Running Powerslam that swiftly followed, leading him to victory. After Strowman’s victory, Roman Reigns saw this as an opportunity to deliver a spear to his upcoming opponent in Fastlane but Braun reacted in time and executed another Running Powerslam to close the show. Will Roman Reigns prove victorious in his upcoming encounter with Braun Strowman? It seems rather implausible.

monday Night raw.
Braun Strawman to face Roman Reigns in WWE Fastlane. [Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]

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