The Bachelor Spoilers: Why Does Andi Show Up? Is Andi Dorfman Single?

Andi Dorfman showed up on The Bachelor‘s hometowns week. It was surprising for the fans, who already got a hint from Bachelor spoilers earlier this week. The surprise factor is evident because of the history Andi shares with Nick Viall. There are a number of questions which need to be answered. For one, why does Andi show up on Bachelor? And, now that she has appeared on the show, the question remains, is Andi Dorfman single? Let’s find answers.

Andi And Nick, The Bachelorette

Andi and Nick took part in The Bachelorette. However, the history between the two is not sweet. Andi broke Nick’s heart on national television, as Nick Viall ended up being the runner-up. She chose Josh Murray over Nick in The Bachelorette Season 10. The 2014 show had Andi and Josh engaged in the finale. There was a shocking revelation by Nick Viall in the After the Final Rose special. The 35-year-old asked Andi why she “made love” to him in the Fantasy Suite when she had not been in love with him.

Is Andi Dorfman Single after breaking up with Josh Murray?

Is Andi Dorfman Single?

In July 2014, Andi got engaged to Josh in the finale episode of The Bachelorette Season 10. But, they broke up in January 2015. Bachelor fans were shocked to see the two announce their breakup together. Andi Dorfman said later on that, even though the relationship did not last, Josh was her “first love.” She said it did not work out for both of them. “I didn’t feel supported and empowered,” Us Weekly quoted her as saying. “And I don’t think I gave him the support and empowerment that he needed.”

Andi also revealed during this time that she was single. The former lawyer took a break from the profession. She moved to New York from Georgia. While she admitted it was difficult to fit in, she said she would find the fun to “make it work.”

“Everyone says you’ll have no space, but as a single girl, you make it work!”

By saying Josh was her “first love,” she did confirm that she was not in love with Nick Viall, at least not during the show.

Nick Viall, The Bachelor

In August 2016, when Nick was chosen for The Bachelor Season 21, Andi wished him best of luck. Despite the bitter history between the two, fans were surprised to see Andi tweet about it. She said she was happy for Nick, who has “always been genuine about wanting to find love.” She said she was happy that Nick got another chance to fulfill his desire for love. Even Nick thanked her on Twitter and indicated that the bitterness between the two might be over.

Nick Viall appears on The Bachelor 2017

Why Does Andi Show Up Now?

Andi Dorfman’s surprise visit to The Bachelor stunned many. While Bachelor spoilers already indicated the return of Nick’s “old flame,” Andi sure got all the attention with her entry. The Bachelor favorite. It was suspense and thrill all along. Nick was waiting in his room for the rose ceremony. However, what he got was an unexpected guest. “Hello, Nick,” Andi said. The episode ended with the suspense line: “The woman who broke Nick’s heart is back.”

According to Bustle, Andi shows up on The Bachelor to give some valuable advice to Nick. After all, Andi has “been there, done that.” She seems to have no vested interested in whom Nick chooses. That is why her advice should have an impersonal take on the situation. Even for a Bachelor veteran like Nick, Andi’s advice would help.

The Bachelor spoilers about Andi advising Nick is further intensified, when Andi asks Nick “to be honest.” The discussion between Nick and his “old flame” is still under dark, but Andi seems to be on the show for a reason. Nick was obviously shocked and surprised to find the 29-year-old on his show. She must be the last person he expected to appear on the show. Anyway, Nick admitted that he was running out of time and he had a lot to think about. He is obviously anxious because he has been heartbroken, not only once but twice.

“I fell in love twice here. And had my heart broken twice,” Daily Mail quoted the software professional as saying. “My biggest fear is that that will happen again.”

Andi Dorfman may be on The Bachelor to repair what she left broken. She may help Nick choose the right girl. At least, fans do hope so.

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