‘The Vampire Diaries’ Spoilers: Stelena Is Back? Will They Have A Happy Ending?

The latest The Vampire Diaries spoilers have Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) and Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) meeting again. Will they rekindle the romance they once had in Season 1?

The Vampire Diaries promo shows Stelena meeting

In the new The Vampire Diaries promo, Elena faces Stefan in a tearful reunion. “What happened? Why am I here right now?” asks the girl who presumably just woke up from her deep sleep.


And Stefan, with tears in his eyes, just looks longingly and stupidly smiling at the former The Vampire Diaries protagonist. Although viewers did not get the chance to hear his answers, the 10-second video is enough for fans to look forward to the next episode where Stelena dreams may finally come true.

Will Stelena come through at the end?

There’s a huge chance that Elena and Stefan will wind up together again after all this time. Stefan has always considered her his soulmate and now that she’s back as a human and he, too, is now a human, they seem more compatible than ever.

But they will not come to a happy ending without obstacles and breaking a few hearts. Damon (Ian Somerhalder), who risked trusting Kai (Chris Wood) again just so he can have her back, will pose a problem for the couple for sure. Not to mention Caroline (Candice King), who’s always had Stefan’s back.

What do Nina and Paul think?

The actors themselves don’t think they will end up together, though. When asked which character Elena should up with, both answered Matt (Zach Roerig), her first love in The Vampire Diaries. Seeing as he’s still alive in the TV series, the showrunner Julie Plec may pull a plot twist and have her end up with the guy preceding the Salvatore brothers.

When People’s Choice asked Ian, he also shared their opinion that neither Stefan nor Damon is right for her.

“If she was smart, she would just run for the hills.”

The novels tell a different story

In The Vampire Diaries books, which the TV series is based on, Elena ends up together with Damon – bad news for Stelena fans! The novels started with Stefan as the endgame for Elena in mind, but as the story progressed, Damon apparently was more suited as her ever after.

Truth be told, Delena is the more popular ship and perhaps the most popular couple in The Vampire Diaries. Nina and Ian have even won several awards for the couple. In summary, they won Favorite On Screen Chemisty in 2014 People’s Choice Awards and Favorite TV Duo in 2015, Ship of the Year in 2014 mtvU Fandom Awards, and Choice TV: Liplock in Teen Choice Awards.

It’s well likely that The Vampire Diaries TV show will follow the route of the books, but it has been evident that it is independent of the events that happened in the printed version, so there’s hope still for the Stelena shippers.

Did Julie Plec give a clue?

Julie Plec was feeling generous on Monday and asked the fans on Twitter for any question they may have about the last episodes of The Vampire Diaries. Refinery29 reports that she received well over 2,400 responses and unsurprisingly, she was asked for some scoop on Stelena.

She answered, “I can’t answer that without being spoilery, sorry.”

That’s completely understandable, but now fans have nothing to hold onto. It’s either be pleasantly surprised or be massively disappointed at The Vampire Diaries finale.

So no, she did not give a clue. She did confirm though that Elena and Damon will meet again (which means he did not die on the last episode). Delena fans did not also get something from that answer, so that makes it equal.

The Vampire Diaries is in its last three episodes: “It’s Been a Hell of a Ride” on February 24, “We’re Planning a June…” on March 3, and “I Was Feeling Epic” on March 10.

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