‘Metal Gear Solid’ Movie: Big Updates On Video Game Adaptation

A Metal Gear Solid video game to movie adaptation has been on the mind of Kong: Skull Island’s Jordon Vogt-Roberts since February 2014. Its been a considerable amount of time since then and now it may appear that he’ll be able to devote more of his time to the video game franchise. Most video game movie adaptations have been quite disappointing to moviegoers, according to JoBlo.

Vogt-Roberts had considered this pursuit to be quite valuable in his eyes and considering the Kong footage already seen in promotional trailers, this project may be quite promising. He found it to be quite a dream to work with the video game franchise’s game designer Hideo Kojima.

He vowed to pretty much “fight tooth and nail” so that this project is done in the way it’s supposed to be represented. He said that the script is currently in progress and doesn’t want this video game to movie adaptation to turn out to be another G.I. Joe or Mission: Impossible-type movie. That said, it sounds like Roberts wants Metal Gear Solid to be of its own entity. There’s no denying he wants to keep it 100 percent original.

Why wouldn’t he? The game dates all the way back to the days of Nintendo and probably wants fans who have been a fan all their lives to really connect in a nostalgic fashion. With his passion already being channeled through his dialogue, this does prove to be a promising endeavor.

Metal Gear Solid needs to be exactly what it needs to be, which is Metal Gear Solid.”

Back in 2012, both a game and a movie was announced at the same time but was kept under wraps. The only thing that was known back then was that ex-Marvel CEO Avi Arad was set to produce. That may or may not be true now as IMDB has no listed producer, so that could have changed.

In a Metal Gear Solid movie, Jordan recognized the challenges he faces. The typical comic book movies of today have plenty of source material to go off of and considering through the course of several decades those publications, be it Marvel or DC, had a vast line-up of writers and creators. This allows for a diversity of directions that these cinematic universes can take. Metal Gear Solid, on the other hand, was expressed by Roberts as having “one voice,” a “singular persona.” But the benefit of that is, it will likely have its own take on the storyline.

Considering the property is highly iconic, Jordon intends on treating it as his baby. There’s just a certain appeal he has for it because he also grew up with it. So it would make sense that fans of the video game will parallel what Jordan feels about it.

“I think it’d be a massive film, I think it’d be an incredible film, but it needs to be done in a way that completely honors what Metal Gear is because it’s a classic and it’s a seminal work not just in video games, but in media.”

There’s also the matter on how he’ll portray the film be it an R or PG-13 rating. He figured if he would have to go the Deadpool or Logan route, he would, even though it would be low budget. Jordan also considered how he would blow it out via the PG-13 route.

“I think that for me, I want to make the version of the movie that is most true to what it needs to be, so if that is a Deadpool or Logan route where you go with a smaller budget and you’re able to make it R, great. If you need to blow it out more and really get that bigger budget and go PG-13, I think it could exist in both avenues.”

Roberts seems to recognize there are some violent scenes in the Metal Gear Solid video game, but not too entirely violent and may not be necessary to represent it as such in the flick. There’s also a concern with the characters’ philosophies and how they may be interpreted on the big screen to be more important than the rating. It would make more sense to “nail the story” according to Jordan.

What do you think? Do you think a Metal Gear Solid movie could turn out to be a very good representation of the video game?

[Featured Image by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images]