‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Order Of Eliminations After Episode 8 For Nick Viall

You may think that as choices become less, things become easier. Well, that may be true in some instances, but it certainly is not going to be the case for Nick Viall on the 2017 season of The Bachelor. He started out with 30 women who were chasing him and looking to win his heart as his one true love, and now, Viall has brought that number down to just four. Now, things are much harder and you may be surprised by the order of rose ceremony eliminations the rest of the way.

Please let it be known that there are possible spoilers ahead for the new and current season of The Bachelor starring Nick Viall. If you don’t want to know them, stop reading now.

Throughout the 2017 episodes of The Bachelor, the spoilers have been very spot on, but ABC has tried to stick it to those such as Reality Steve. Altering the timeframe of things and moving stuff around is one way to get people guessing, but as reported by Reality Steve, he ended up being right anyway.

Episode 8 — February 20: Hometown Dates

For weeks and months, Corinne Olympios has done her best to make life a living hell for the other women on the show, but Nick has continued to keep her around. Heading to her hometown and seeing her in her true environment may have been the kiss of death, though, as it is her time to leave.

When it's Raquel's day off.

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The Hometown Dates are not going to be very good to the villain of this season as she is going to be rejected once again as she was last week, as recapped by Vulture. No rose for her and no reason for fans to worry about her any longer.

  • Corinne Olympios

Down to Three women

Episode 9 — February 27: Overnight Fantasy Suite Dates

  • Rachel Lindsay

This is going to be one of the least surprising eliminations in the history of reality television because everyone knows that Rachel Lindsay isn’t winning. ABC spoiled this one all on their own and let the world know within the last week that Nick isn’t giving a rose to Rachel at any point this year.

As revealed on their official website, Rachel is indeed the lead on the next season of The Bachelorette, which will begin filming later this year. The Season 13 premiere will air on Monday, May 22, and it will follow her path to true love.

There are reasons in place as to why Rachel was announced as the next Bachelorette before she was even denied her rose, but it is just weird for ABC to spoil their own show.

Down to Two Women

Episode 10 — March 6: The “Women Tell All” Special

No rose ceremony this week and no eliminations either as it will start with two women left and end that very same way. This is one of the most enjoyable times of each season as the spurned women come back to spill it all about Nick Viall and let the world know what wasn’t seen on national television.

Two women remain

Episode 11 — March 13: Season Finale

There are only two women left from the group of 30 by the time the season finale rolls around, and it will lead to Nick not giving a rose to:

  • Raven Gates

Yes, Raven makes it this far, but she will not be the one that sees the bachelor down on one knee and asking him to marry her. It will be Vanessa Grimaldi that he chooses, but are they still together? That is going to be the one thing that everyone wants to know with so much time going by since taping ended and before the live “After The Final Rose” special.

Please remember that the dates listed for each showing are what is currently scheduled, but they are subject to change depending on what ABC wants or needs to do. Sometimes, the network will mix things up to stick it to sites that reveal spoilers, but in the long run, all the eliminations will take place this season.

At this point, it finally seems as if ABC has caught up with where the spoiler sites are, and things are going to go in this order from here on out. After this week’s episode of The Bachelor, only three women should remain when they head to the Fantasy Suite overnight dates.

The main point of Nick Viall’s season on The Bachelor is for him to find true love after many failed attempts across numerous other platforms. He’s going to give his heart to the one that makes it through all of the rose ceremony eliminations, but rumors persist that not everything is going so well. It could be that the spoilers are good for what happens in each episode, but no-one is certain as to how real life is going since then.

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