‘The Bachelor’ 2017 Spoilers — Episode 8: Who Goes Home After Hometown Dates?

Every season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette leads to the final three episodes, not counting the “Tell All” special, and who is left at that point. Nick Viall will have his selection down to his final four by the time episode seven is completed, and that will simply leave the Hometown Dates, Fantasy Suite, and finale. Still, who is going to be sent home without a rose after showing Viall around her hometown?

Please let it be known that there are possible spoilers ahead for the current season of The Bachelor starring Nick Viall. If you don’t want to know them, stop reading now.

After Episode 7, the leading man will have his Final Four, and they will be:

  • Rachel Lindsay
  • Vanessa Grimaldi
  • Corinne Olympios
  • Raven Gates

The first Hometown Date will be with Corinne who brings the bachelor to the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area. Here, she shows him around town while also showing him her dad’s business which she runs, and In Touch says she even introduces Nick to her nanny. Will this kind of thing end up getting her a rose at the end of it all?

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After going out with Corinne, he will have hometown outings with Rachel in Dallas Texas; Raven in Hoxie, Arkansas, and Vanessa Grimaldi in Montreal, Canada. Now, this is the order that the dates were filmed during taping, but it is not known if this is the order ABC will show them on episode 8 next week.

There is not a lot known about Corinne’s time with him or the different dates to this point, and that is a bit of a shocking situation. Most of the time, the Hometown Dates have a lot of pictures leaked of the couples going out, and it is known where they go and what they do, but not this year.

Now, Wet Paint did point out that a couple of blurry pictures did make their way out of Nick and Raven’s time together in Arkansas. There isn’t a whole lot to see, but it is better than the nothing revealed on the others.

After Viall travels around the country to have the hometown outings with his four remaining ladies, they will all make their way to New York. Yes, there is actually going to be a rose ceremony in episode 8, and this will be when the head guy sends one of his four remaining women packing.

Next week, it is actually going to be what everyone has wanted throughout the entire season, and they will see the villain sent home. Yes, Corinne Olympios will not make it to the Overnight Dates which are set to take place in Lapland, Finland for one of the final big episodes of the year.

Reality Steve confirms that there will be a lot of drama happening before the final four rose ceremony elimination. It’s going to be interesting to see how Corinne takes being shunned after she has tried so hard to be his true love.

At this point in the season, ABC has pretty much allowed The Bachelor to catch up with the spoiler sites. All year, they were editing things in weird ways, extending episodes, and issuing cliffhanger after cliffhanger, but there are just too few women remaining now to do that.

Nick Viall has reached the point of his season of The Bachelor where the biggest question of all will be thrown his way – Who did you sleep with in the Fantasy Suite? While one of those is bound to be found out, the other two may never be known. Either way, Corinne Olympios is history as this year’s villain was sent home during the Hometown Dates and it is time for the leading man to really get serious in who will capture his heart.

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