‘The Bachelor’ 2017 Spoilers – Episode 7: One Girl Propositions Nick, Two Leave

When the world left Nick Viall at the end of last week’s episode of The Bachelor, he was trying to figure out exactly what to do with his life. He had just sent two women home while on a 2-on-1 date, and he began wondering if this whole reality TV way of finding love is the right thing for him. Now, he’s heading in a direction where more ladies need to be sent packing and one thinks that propositioning him for sex is the answer to it all.

Please let it be known that there are possible spoilers ahead for the current season of The Bachelor starring Nick Viall. If you don’t want to know them, stop reading now.

At the end of last week’s episode, the bachelor had just sent home Danielle Lombard and Whitney Fransway without a rose after taking them on a 2-on-1 to a private island in St. Thomas. As recapped by Vulture, the end of the outing saw him alone and wondering if he’s never meant to find love and should stay alone.

While the leading man sat and pondered the ways of the world and if he will ever find love, it is time to move onto the next episode of The Bachelor, and it will air tonight.

There will be no rose ceremony for the remaining six women after the three eliminations from last week, as everyone heads to Bimini, Bahamas. First of all, Nick will go out on a 1-on-1 with Vanessa Grimaldi, which sees them head out on a boat and go snorkeling while throwing in a bit of making out.

The group date has Viall heading out with Raven, Corinne, and Kristina to swim with the sharks in the beautiful waters of the Bahamas. Raven ends up receiving the group date rose which cements her in as the first of the final four getting a Hometown Date.

Two more 1-on-1 dates will take place as he goes out with Rachel Lindsay, who isn’t sent home or given a rose. The other singles outing is with Danielle Maltby, who is not given a rose, but sent home after riding bikes, and she does not take this elimination lightly, but that leaves only five contestants left.

At this point, it is pure drama.

Reality Steve reports that Corinne Olympios, the villain herself, will head to Nick’s room to “talk” to him, but she is obviously going to try and have sex with him. As much as she tries to get him in bed and to have sex with her, he does end up turning down her proposition and sending her back to her own room alone.

No one ever said she was subtle.

Rachel Lindsay and Vanessa are also going to go at it sometime in tonight’s episode and it is said to be a huge blow-up. After that, our bachelor is sort of fed up so he cancels the rose ceremony, sends home Kristina, and has his final four in place without much fanfare.

As always with ABC, you need to know that they do like to play around with things and do some clever editing to make fans think the spoiler sites are wrong. They will alter the way things happen in episodes and throw up a “To Be Continued” screen to make you second-guess, but at the end of the season, all these things will have happened.

This season of The Bachelor has been up-and-down, back-and-forth. It has been emotional and full of drama and full of pure hatred at times between the different women. Nick Viall still has choices to make, but obviously, he’s not letting one single contestant, such as Corinne Olympios, sway his decision-making ability. Some have to go home and sex is bound to happen, but it looks like it will be on the terms of the leading man.

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