‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Order Of Eliminations After Episode 7 For Nick Viall

The list of available ladies is being cut down as each week goes by, and things are actually being made much more difficult for Nick Viall on The Bachelor. Sending home some of the contestants who he didn’t know very well was easy. Sending home those he has developed a relationship with is very hard. Still, some have to go, and the rose ceremony eliminations have to be done so that he can find “the one.”

Please let it be known that there are possible spoilers ahead for the new and current season of The Bachelor starring Nick Viall. If you don’t want to know them, stop reading now.

As seen in last week’s cliffhanger and recapped by Entertainment Weekly, Viall last sent home Whitney Fransway and Danielle Lombard while on the 2-on-1 date with them. After that, he was left all alone on a deserted island to contemplate life, love, and if this whole reality thing is even for him.

From there, we are now moving onto the order of the rose ceremony eliminations throughout the rest of the 2017 edition of The Bachelor.

Episode 7 — February 13

  • Kristina Schulman
  • Danielle Maltby

Once more, as has been a common trend during Viall’s spotlight on the show, there will not be a rose ceremony elimination. If he’s not canceling it because of drama, he is sending the women home early on his dates with them.

In this episode, Danielle M. will be sent home during their 1-on-1 date, and she is said to take it very hard, according to Reality Steve. Later, the girls are waiting for the rose ceremony, but Viall just walks in and sends Kristina home to get it down to his final four.

Down to Four women

Episode 8 — February 20: Hometown Dates

She has caused drama this entire season, and she made herself known as the villain very early on, but Corinne didn’t care. Being the villain and letting the world know that she was there to be the last one standing is all that mattered, and beyond the belief of many fans, she almost made it. Almost.

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After the Hometown Dates, Corinne will not make it past the final four as she is finally sent home without a rose, and she will not make it to the Fantasy Suite.

  • Corinne Olympios

Down to Three women

Episode 9 — February 27: Overnight Fantasy Suite Dates

  • Rachel Lindsay

Three women are left, and no-one that watches the show really cares about roses here. All the fans want to know is if Viall is going to sleep with one, two, or all three of the ladies remaining on the show. Sometimes, that information ends up being the best-kept secret, but what isn’t kept locked away is the fact that Rachel will be eliminated.

Down to Two Women

Episode 10 — March 6: The “Women Tell All” Special

Don’t look for a rose ceremony here as there won’t be one. Nick may only have two women left to choose from, but he can’t forget about all those he has sent home during the last few months. It is time for their return to share stories, dish dirt, and question why they did not receive a rose.

Two women remain

Episode 11 — March 13: Season Finale

There are only two women left from the group of 30 by the time the season finale rolls around, and it will lead to Nick not giving a rose to:

  • Raven Gates

With Raven gone, only Vanessa Grimaldi remains, and she will be Viall’s final choice on The Bachelor, but is she the love he has been waiting for? When the taping of the show ended, they were indeed engaged to be married and happy with life, but a lot of time will pass before they are seen together again.

A lot of time has already passed, and there is still another month until the last episode. It is hard to say what has happened with Viall and Vanessa in all this time, but no-one will know how things currently stand until the live “After the Final Rose” special.”

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Please remember that the dates listed for each showing are what is currently scheduled, but they are subject to change depending on what ABC wants or needs to do. Sometimes, the network will mix things up to stick it to sites that reveal spoilers, but in the long run, all the eliminations will take place this season.

At this point, it finally seems as if ABC has caught up with where the spoiler sites are, and things are going to be on track from here. After tonight’s episode, the final four will be in place, and it will be time for the Hometown Dates.

This season of The Bachelor has certainly been a roller coaster ride through Nick Viall’s mind and heart. He has been trying to finally figure out if his true love is out there and as seen last week, see if love is in the cards for him at all. It does look as if he is going to find it during his run with the rose ceremonies and the season, but it remains to be seen if he and Vanessa are going to be a long-lasting match made in heaven.

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