NBA Rumors: Derrick Rose Ranks Among Los Angeles Lakers’ Many Trade Options

NBA rumors have suggested that the Los Angeles Lakers — a team destined for a fourth-straight lottery pick — could be considering a trade for Derrick Rose.

A report surfaced last month that suggested the Los Angeles Lakers could be attempting to make an eight-player trade that included Derrick Rose. While those rumors have long vanished, the NBA Western Conference franchise might still be trying to solicit a trade for Derrick Rose, according to a recent interview with Los Angeles Lakers’ GM Mitch Kupchak.

The interview — conducted by the Los Angeles Times — suggested the Lakers are going to be active in the four days remaining before the NBA trade deadline expires, according to the long-time GM. Rumors that the team will look to acquire additional assets before the end of the season could yield a trade for a former NBA MVP.

“We’re active every year. … Quite frankly compared to the last three or four years, we have a lot of talent on this roster that I think a lot of people have interest in — varying levels of interest. I would think there’s more meaningful discussions this year than there have been the last two or three years.”

Fit will be the chief component to what the Los Angeles Lakers do before the NBA trade deadline and this offseason, according to Kupchak. How Derrick Rose would fit in with the rest of the young core will determine how much of an effort the Los Angeles Lakers will make to acquire the New York Knicks guard. Another consideration the Los Angeles Lakers would need to make is if Derrick Rose would re-sign with the team during the offseason as the player is in the last year of his contract.

“A lot of it depends on your roster and what it looks like. I really like this group; they get along really well together, the guys that are here as mentors and leaders are doing a great job. The young players are showing growth. So it’s all good.”

While moving D’Angelo Russell to a shooting guard position may seem unlikely, comparisons of the Los Angeles Lakers’ third-year player have revealed a position swap could be the right move. During his rookie year, the Los Angeles Lakers point guard excelled with limited minutes playing the shooting guard position as he averaged over a 51 percent shooting percentage while maintaining his rebound and assists averages at the position.

While Lou Williams has performed at a high level for the Los Angeles Lakers this year, the 12-year veteran will turn 31 before the beginning of the next season and be in the final year of his contract. Finding a younger player that has been deeper in the postseason to guide the young core the Los Angeles Lakers have could be enticing enough to offer Lou Williams to the New York Knicks in exchange for Derrick Rose.

While CBS Sports confirms the NBA rumors that Derrick Rose is a trade target for multiple teams, the New York Knicks guard may not be worth the asking price team president Phil Jackson could seek. The article acknowledged the player’s ability to penetrate defenses and other positive attributes before rendering its verdict that the Los Angeles Lakers — or any other team interested in Derrick Rose — may not have to surrender much to acquire the guard.

“He’s still quicker than the average guard in transition, and he can contort his body and finish around the basket. He has made some clutch shots and even dunked a few times. When you look at his defense, though, or even just his relative lack of efficiency, it’s hard to see the appeal. It would be surprising if the Knicks could get much in return for Rose, especially with him hitting free agency in July.”

One website sees the value that Derrick Rose — who is averaging 17.7 points and 4.5 assists this season through 48 games — could bring to the Los Angeles Lakers. Fansided believes that the Los Angeles Lakers could use a point guard like Derrick Rose that can penetrate defenses in order to help the team continue to grow.

“Los Angeles has a pair – we’re assuming – of really good shooters in D’Angelo Russell and Brandon Ingram. What they don’t have is a guard that can get to the rim at will and play consistent lockdown defense.”

Making the move to trade Derrick Rose to the Los Angeles Lakers — or any other team — would signal the New York Knicks are ready for a full-fledged rebuild, according to Bleacher Report. The article suggested that the New York Knicks should start to look at building for the long-term around budding star Kristaps Porzingis instead of focusing on the short-term goal of making a run in the NBA playoffs this season.

Trade rumors for Derrick Rose being sent to the Los Angeles Lakers started this past summer prior to the New York Knicks acquiring the guard. Forbes suggested that Derrick Rose would be part of a package deal that sent D’Angelo Russell to the Chicago Bulls in exchange for the former MVP.

While the NBA rumors surrounding New York offering Derrick Rose for trade may not come to fruition, the Knicks are coming to a crossroads in their team’s future, according to ESPN. President of Basketball Operations Phil Jackson must decide if the team is playing for the future or for playoffs this season, according to the article. Players are already considering the possibility that the 11-time NBA Championship coach could be making trades for the team’s long-term future, especially Derrick Rose.

“So, should Jackson quit on the season and look to improve New York’s position in what is believed to be a guard-heavy draft? Players are publicly and privately steeling themselves for that scenario. Rose has wondered aloud several times if he’ll be dealt because he’s on an expiring contract and could help a team looking for backcourt depth.”

Los Angeles has been the source of several NBA trade rumors this season. The moribund NBA franchise has had several rumors suggesting the team would be willing to trade any number of their veterans, including backup guard Jose Calderon according to the Inquisitr.

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