DNC: Disrespecting Bernie Sanders And Arrogance Lost 2016 Election, Not Russia

While the evidence that President Donald Trump and his campaign colluded with Russia to manipulate our election warrants serious investigation, with some claiming it could be cause for impeachment or even charges of treason, it’s the height of hypocrisy for the corporate Democrats and the DNC to complain about election manipulation when the DNC emails leaked verify that the DNC — and former DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, in particular — was gaming the primaries for Hillary Clinton. That, along with voter disenfranchisement related to the reduction of polling sites in large urban areas and voters being purged from primary voting created that anger and resentment by progressives and Bernie Sanders’ supporters that fueled the “protest vote” factor that ultimately cost Hillary Clinton and the DNC the 2016 election.

You would think the DNC would’ve learned its lesson. Think again.

Wikileaks leaked emails showed former DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz was using the DNC to help Hillary Clinton win the party’s nomination. [Image by Andrew Burton/Getty Images]

DNC Not Accepting Responsibility For Their Actions In 2016 Election

The DNC and corporate Democrats want to blame everyone for their devastating 2016 loss; at least everyone but themselves. As reported by multiple sites such as Observer, the WikiLeaks emails proved what Sanders’ supporters strongly suspected all along — that the DNC acted to give an advantage to their chosen corporate Democrat, Hillary Clinton, despite polls that clearly showed Bernie Sanders fared much better against Donald Trump than Clinton.

Yet the 2016 Democratic primary was fraught with controversial DNC actions such as minimizing debates and airing them at times that would discourage high viewership, corporate Democrats campaigning with former President Bill Clinton at polling sites on voting day despite polling place rules, and the disenfranchisement of voters in states such as Arizona, New York, and California, among others. In Arizona, a huge reduction in polling places resulted in lines that were too long for some to wait out due to work obligations, while many states saw huge purges of voters for the primaries. Many independent voters who had changed their party preference to Democrat claimed it had suddenly changed back, or they had been purged from registration altogether.

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Whether Clinton actually had a hand in all of this or not (and it would be a little naïve to think she didn’t), the bottom line is this angered the progressive side of the party base. With the Democratic Party itself ready to boil over with protests and angry constituents at the Democratic convention, you would think the DNC would have tried to reach out to progressives. And you would think that Clinton might have chosen a progressive Democrat as a running mate to appease the huge grassroots movement created by Sanders.

In other words, you would think the DNC would’ve learned its lesson. Think again.

DNC Takes Sanders’ Supporters Votes For Granted, Fueling The Fire

Instead, corporate Democrats further alienated Bernie Sanders’ supporters in the primary, including Barbara Boxer, who chastised and taunted Sanders’ supporters from the convention podium at the Nevada Democratic Convention and tried to accuse them of being violent when she was booed offstage, despite a lack of evidence of any such claim. Clinton chose a corporate Democrat for her running mate, passing over Sanders himself or another popular progressive, Elizabeth Warren.

Despite the large progressive base of the Democratic Party, Clinton chose an establishment Democrat running mate, rather than Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren. [Image by Win McNamee/Getty Images]

Why? The arrogance of the DNC and corporate Democrats. They presumed that if they chose to ignore the progressive base the platform — and even malign it — that those angry Democrats and Independents would still “fall in line” and vote for Clinton in the end.

We all know how that worked out. The DNC and the Clinton campaign fueled the fire of angry Sanders’ supporters to the point where many became so enraged, they swore they would never vote for Hillary Clinton no matter who she was running against, and no matter the consequences. Then Hillary lost because of the electoral college votes, by small margins affected by third-party and protest voters.

Despite all of this, the DNC has yet to apologize to Sanders’ supporters for betraying and disrespecting them as well as their candidate. Observer reporter Michael Sainato summed it up perfectly in an article about how the DNC and Rep. Keith Ellison are trying to get Sanders to “sell out” his supporters by getting in line with establishment Democrats and handing over his supporter email list.

“In fact, it’s hypocritical for the DNC to expect the loyalty and support of Sanders’ supporters. After all, the party has not apologized to progressives for disenfranchising them during the Democratic primaries. Sanders’ supporters are not a package deal; they will not automatically support the Democratic Party party because Sanders does, especially since the party has resisted meaningful reform since losing the election. Indeed, several Democrats and Clinton supporters still attack Sanders and his supporters, despite the fact that Sanders is the party’s outreach chair, which is due to the fact that he is the only politician in the party who knows how to engage working and middle-class Americans.”

You would think the DNC would surely have learned its lesson and listened to a huge block of its base by now. Think again.

DNC Goes After Sanders, Not 13 Democrats Who Voted Against Drug Bill

When 13 Democrats prevented the passage of the bill co-sponsored by Bernie Sanders to allow Canadian pharmaceuticals into this country and lower drug costs for Americans, the DNC and corporate Democrats didn’t chastise the 13 Democrats who jumped ship and voted for the interests of their big pharmacy donors. As noted by publications such as The Hill, they chastised Sanders for calling them out on their hypocrisy and creating a huge backlash against their golden boy, New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, one of the biggest donation beneficiaries of either party from pharmaceutical companies.

On a side note, one of the attacks against Sanders is that he isn’t really a “Democrat” as he is officially an Independent but simply ran as a Democrat because of the entrenched two-party system. Dear DNC and corporate Democrats: with the huge grassroots following behind Bernie Sanders, do you really want to push that argument that Sanders is not someone you want helping shape the Democratic Party, and, in fact, Sanders is someone who offers voters an alternative party to Democrats? This is yet another example of the arrogant thinking by the DNC that voters have to choose either their chosen corporate Democrat juiced into lobbyist interests or choose a Republican.

Apparently, the DNC and establishment Democrats don’t realize they are promoting a mass exodus and the demise of their own party with that argument and are incapable of learning their lessons.

Does The DNC Know The Common Definition Of Insanity?

Regardless, what may be the most disturbing development illustrating how oblivious the Democratic Party establishment and the DNC have become relates to rumors on numerous media sites, including Politico Magazine, that the DNC is already looking to Hillary Clinton for the 2020 nominee. You know, the candidate that already lost to the current president who campaigned on hate, lies, misogyny, and racism and even encouraged violence at his rallies.

Clinton couldn’t beat him the first time around, which makes a pretty convincing case she is unelectable against anyone. But apparently, the DNC figures with Trump’s approval ratings so low, and so many Americans upset with his performance in his first month of office, that you won’t have any choice but to vote for whoever they nominate. Does this sound familiar? In other words, third-party and Sanders supporters, the DNC is arrogantly presuming you will fall in line again and they are going to make you vote for their pal, Hillary Clinton, one way or another whether you like it or not.

There’s been much debate about the sanity of president Donald Trump, but most people have heard the common definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results. Will the DNC ever learn and regain their own sanity?

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