‘He Will Die In Jail’: Ex-NSA Says Intel Community Going ‘Nuclear’ On Trump

While many Republicans may be turning a blind eye to the mounting evidence that President Donald Trump and his advisors allegedly colluded with Russian officials both before and after the election, a former NSA analyst says even the resignation of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn won’t save Trump this time. John Schindler also says the seriousness of charges go way beyond impeachment now, and that one of his senior sources within the intelligence community sent him an email that began with “he will die in jail.”

Schindler is lighting up Twitter making the case that it’s not impeachment Trump should be worried about, but possible charges of treason, which carry a punishment of imprisonment for life.

GOP Reluctance To Investigate Flynn And Trump Not Stopping Intelligence Community

While Huffington Post reports that the House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) is refusing to further investigate Flynn’s ties to Russia after his resignation due to leaked information about sanctions to Russian leaders, Trump and his administration are far from being out of hot water over the controversy. Many voters and politicians are asking why Flynn would give information to Russia about sanctions without being directed by Trump himself and without the president’s knowledge. As bad as that looks for Trump’s administration, things are rapidly going downhill from there.

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Now the New York Times and CNN are both reporting that they have information from U.S. intelligence community sources indicating that President Trump’s campaign had “constant contact” with the Russian intelligence officials and the Russian government throughout his entire presidential campaign. Both publications say there are records of calls to Russia by Trump officials that were documented as part of what they call “routine monitoring.”

CNN also reports that intercepted communications reveal that Russian officials boasted of having an inside relationship and special access to Trump before and after the election. Schindler claims that the U.S. intelligence community has had enough and will go after Trump without mercy after the Flynn scandal and resignation, plus Trump’s attacks on those in the intelligence community itself, calling them “un-American” and referring to them as “Nazis.”

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Trump Responds To Allegations Of Russian Ties On Twitter

Trump’s response on Twitter essentially claimed that the leaks to American media about his advisors’ alleged contact with Russian officials were the real problem, not that his advisors had allegedly leaked information to Russians. He also noted that leaking classified information illegally is “very un-American,” even though his own national security advisor resigned because of allegations of giving classified information to Russian officials.

Schindler pointed out that “US intelligence is not the problem here. The President’s collusion with Russian intelligence is,” and he also made the case that any theories that Trump didn’t instruct Flynn to leak information on sanctions to Russia didn’t make sense.

Will Republicans Start Abandoning Trump?

Now some Republicans are warning the members of their party to abandon what they say is Trump’s sinking ship, including conservative pundit Joe Scarborough of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, as reported by Raw Story.

“They cannot be so stupid to pretend they picked on poor Michael Flynn out of nowhere. Michael Flynn, a man who visited Russia, had dinner with Putin, was believed to have received payments from Russia… Republicans, you can just stop that BS. And editorial writers, stop shaming yourself.”

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