‘Avengers” ‘Infinity War’ Cast: Who Is Set To Be In This Massive Ensemble?

The Avengers: Infinity War cast is expected to be massive, as directors Anthony and Joe Russo have confirmed, with over 60 characters. While they didn’t specify that these characters would be all superheroes or simply extremely skilled humans like Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Nick Fury, that is still an impressive roster.

Now the question on fans’ minds is whether or not all of the past superheroes will have a role, or if part of the cast will simply be supporting characters like John Favreau’s Hogan and Leslie Bibb’s Christine Everheart (both recurring characters from the Iron Man series).

Here is a list of known superheroes and the likelihood that we will see them in the upcoming ensemble film, inspired by that of Geek.

  • Iron Man is the character who started the MCU, practically the one the rest couldn’t exist without. While the ending of Civil War showed he was bent on bringing his former allies to criminal justice, he might change his mind, convincing SHIELD to let them help him with Thanos, seeing the bigger threat. According to a recent video released, Robert Downey, Jr., who plays the role, has said that filming has begun.
Robert Downey, Jr, Anthony Mackie, and Chris Evans are former Avengers cast, though Robert is the only one confirmed.
  • Hulk has only had co-starring roles in the MCU since Universal Pictures still owns the rights to the character and all related ones. He could be a powerful ally against a villain bent on ruling the multiverse, and his appearance in Thor: Ragnarok could easily bring him into it. Alongside Tony Stark, Bruce Banner was also responsible for giving life to not only Ultron but Vision, the latter of whom draws his power directly from one of the Infinity Stones.
  • Thor is an Asgardian, a race of aliens/gods who have been charged with the protection of the nine realms. It was Heimdall who showed him his role in it all and revealed how responsible he was for starting it all. It seems clear that Thor could easily be among the Avengers: Infinity War cast.
  • Captain America, the last time we saw him, had been locked up by current antagonist Iron Man and his team, to ensure that he and his remaining friends couldn’t be accidentally responsible for any more major destruction not authorized by the U.N. and SHIELD. Due to the new law being reinforced by Thaddeus Ross, no more operations can take place without prior approval. Unless Iron Man sees fit to take all the help he can get, it seems doubtful that Steve Rogers will be part of it. Falcon might also be sitting this one out.
  • Hawkeye is another character who might not be involved since he sided with Captain America and he’s likely useless against Thanos.
  • Black Widow is one of Tony Stark’s team, so it seems likely she will at least take part in intel on Thanos.
  • War Machine may still be alive after his apparent injuries in Civil War. After all, Iron Man was using a similar suit and survived a fall from the sky in Avengers.
  • Nick Fury is another integral part of the Avengers team, being the one who brought them all together. He has since somewhat retired, but might be there alongside Black Widow to offer intel to Iron Man and the team.
  • Pepper Potts was a superhero for a moment after receiving special abilities in Iron Man 3, but we haven’t seen her in recent films, possibly due to now running Stark Industries in Tony’s absence.
  • Lady Sif is often a minor character, but being an Asgardian like Heimdall and Odin, it’s assumed that they may all play a role.
  • Winter Soldier may be sitting this one out for the same reasons as Captain America. Iron Man also has a personal vendetta against him for his role in the death of his parents.
  • The Guardians of the Galaxy have already been confirmed to have major roles, with Chris Pratt being among the three in the recent video. It’s likely that Mantis, Nebula, and Yondu will be joining them by that point since Volume 2 is coming before Infinity War.
The Guardians of the Galaxy will be in the upcoming film.
  • The Collector is expected to play an important role, possibly being one of Thanos’ first casualties since he is also bent on owning the Infinity Stones.
  • Ego, the living planet played by Kurt Russell, could be sitting this one out as well.
  • Ant-Man could be playing a minor role, having been on Captain America’s side in Civil War, though he has a sequel coming where he teams up with Wasp. He’s getting out eventually.
  • Doctor Strange is set to play a major role as well, given responsibility similar to Thor as a guardian of the multiverse through his mystical power.
  • Scarlet Witch is also expected to play a major role, rivaling Vision as one of the most powerful Avengers introduced so far.
  • Black Panther might not be much of a heavy hitter, but he could be among those possibly fighting off Thanos’ potential legions.
  • Spider-Man is a given, having been one of the Avengers: Infinity War cast in the video released promoting the upcoming film.

It’s unknown if any of the Agents of SHIELD or Defenders will be joining.

There are still numerous possibilities to possibly introduce the way Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice did, such as Namor the Submariner and Moon Knight. IMDb’s list isn’t conclusive, as it hadn’t mentioned Ben Affleck being in Suicide Squad.

Who do you think will be among the 60 plus characters in the upcoming film?

[Featured Image by Marvel]