‘Vampire Diaries’ Episode 13: Did Kai Bring Elena Back Like Promised? [Spoilers]

Kai Parker (Chris Wood) is back and suddenly a whole lot of memories are flooding back. Although he is truly a dangerous and despicable villain, there is a certain charm and humor to the character.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Episode 13, “The Lies Will Catch Up To You,” kicks off with the history of how Kai even came back in the first place. During the previous ringing of the bell, it somehow resurrected Kai, plopping him right in the middle of the Mystic Grille. Kai, once figuring out where he is, laughs and begins ordering as much food as possible. He’s happy, until he realizes that he cannot taste anything. After further experimentation, he finds that he cannot hurt himself–that he’s not really alive.

However, he still has magic. So he makes a deal with Damon (Ian Somerhalder): get him permanently out of Hell and he will bring back Elena (Nina Dobrev). Ric thinks that this is a bad idea and ditches–running to hide out with his twin girls (who, remember, Kai tried to kill four years ago).

Meanwhile, Stefan’s sins are still coming back to haunt him. In fact, the title mostly relates to Stefan (Paul Wesley) himself, as he struggles to deal with all of his guilt–and as he strives for redemption.

As his humanity unfolds, all those who he compelled are remembering. And one, in particular, has come after him. After this Dorian kidnaps Stefan, taking him deep into the woods, forcing him to dig his own grave, he shoots him. Why? Because Stefan killed his father and sister seven years ago while traveling with Klaus.

Caroline (Candice Accola) tries to help on her end–re-compelling as many people as possible along with Matt’s help.

Bonnie is still mourning Enzo’s death. Refusing to help Damon with his Kai problem, Bonnie looks to Cade to find help with bringing Enzo back. During her meeting with Cade, she connects with Enzo–who tells her to not trust Cade, that he’s only using her to find Enzo.

Why is she so valuable to Cade? Entertainment Weekly weighed in on the topic.

“When Enzo died, Bonnie screamed, and in the moment of her deepest pain, a powerful psychic blast created an entire world, a private dimension linked only to her. So yeah, she pulled a Cade. Except her dimension is hidden, even from Cade.”

While Bonnie works to keep Cade away (who does, by the way, come to figure out that she made contact with Enzo and that she suspect Kai is in town), Damon helps Kai to regain his fully present self and Dorian takes pity on Stefan (after he has already shot him).

Kai believes that, if he kills bad people, he will be free from Hell. Before long, however, Damon says enough is enough. The only way he will continue to help Kai is if he brings Elena back–now.

Following an intense showdown between Stefan and Caroline, Damon takes Kai to the crypt where Elena is hidden, Kai creepily saying hello to the poor girl that he trapped in a lifelong sleep.

“Hey, sleepyhead. Remember me?”

Kai explains to Damon that he needs a great deal of magic in order to reverse the spell, grabbing Damon’s arm to siphon his energy. He also says that he does not intend to go out without a bang, since he knows that “there’s no such thing as redemption, there’s only promises and bargains.”

With that, he makes himself and the casket invisible, leaving Damon to desiccate in the crypt alone.

So no, he still hasn’t brought Elena back. It would seem that many fans are hoping to see Elena just a little but before the finale. Will they really keep us all waiting until the end?

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