‘Fist Fight’ After-Credits Scene: There’s A Rapping Surprise Hidden At The End

Will Fist Fight have an after-credits scene; one that extends the comedy by a few more minutes?

Moviegoers looking to escape some of the winter doldrums by checking out the Ice Cube and Charlie Day comedy will want to know if it’s worth sitting through the five to seven minutes of credits at the end of the movie for an after-credits scene.

For those not up to date on the movie trope that is the after-credits scene, it’s a short scene that plays after the movie ends and all the credits have rolled. It’s something of a standard in action and especially superhero movies (including the Marvel series, where moviegoers get to see two separate after-credits scenes in every installment) but not always included in comedies.

That will leave moviegoers who head out to Fist Fight wondering whether there will be an after-credits scene that gives them a little bit more comedy.

So, is there an after-credits scene in Fist Fight?

[WARNING: Some Fist Fight spoilers are ahead.]

Yes, and it sounds like a hilarious one.

As AfterCredits noted, the scene shows Tracy Morgan’s character getting a bit friendly with a 911 responder.

“We see Tracy Morgan’s character ‘singing’ a rap song to the 911 responder from earlier in the film. Then he hits on her as she chuckles and walks away.”

The Fist Fight after-credits scene will be very welcome for fans of Tracy Morgan, who had to take an extended break from the entertainment industry after his near-fatal car crash in 2014. Fist Fight was shot the following year, Variety noted, which ended up being Morgan’s first movie since returning to the industry.

“I am just happy to be alive,” he told the outlet. “The key thing for me was to forgive that driver. My wife told me about forgiveness before I started back — that you have to forgive everything and everybody or you can’t move forward.”

There could be a big crowd looking to see Fist Fight and its after-credits scene in the opening weekend. Though it is opening against two big-money holdovers from the previous week — The Lego Batman Movie and John Wick 2 — most experts expect Fist Fight to bring in a strong box office total.

“New Line’s Fist Fight teams Ride Along’s Ice Cube with Horrible Bosses’ Charlie Day. Cube plays a teacher who is fired and challenges Day to a fight after school,” Deadline noted. “The pic will play at 3,185 locations, with 2,300 of that number starting showtimes at 7 PM on Thursday. Keeping with New Line’s history of low-budget comedies, the R-rated Fist Fight carries an estimated production cost in the $20M vicinity before P&A.”

The movie could also benefit from the Presidents Day weekend, which is traditionally a bigger draw for moviegoers. That may not be as much the case this year as Deadline predicted it would be a “listless” weekend for the box office, but comedies in the vein of Fist Fight often tend to outperform predictions. With a strong word of mouth, the movie could see an extended run even with a less-than-huge opening weekend.

And those who check out the Ice Cube comedy this weekend will actually get another added scene. In addition to the after-credits scene at the end of Fist Fight, there is also a blooper reel that plays after the movie ends and just before the credits start.

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