‘Alaska The Last Frontier’: Why Atz Lee Kids Are Not On Show, According To Jane

Fans of Alaska The Last Frontier want to know if Atz Lee and Jane have kids and if so, why aren’t they on the show. Christina Jane Kilcher, better known as Jane, took to social media to explain why she has chosen to not have her children on the Discovery Channel show, as she battles the haters and trolls that regularly attack her. One of the big questions is about Atz Lee’s kids.

According to Jane Kilcher, who recently posted on her Facebook page, the very extensive filming schedule commences in February, about the same time that the previous season is finished airing on Discovery. The grueling film schedule continues on until December, when the shooting is completed. That is 10 months of camera crews, whom Jane thinks are wonderful, following the family around.

Despite so many months of being on camera, Jane has explained that she and Atz Lee Kilcher have chosen not to put their children on Alaska The Last Frontier despite many fans asking her if she has children and why they are not on the show like Eivin’s small children. Again, she has to explain that she and Atz Lee have kids.

Jane and Atz Lee’s two children, son, Etienne and daughter, Piper, do live on the homestead. Etienne, who’s name is the French equivalent of Steven, has been on the show a small bit, but Piper is not interested in being on television. Understandably, Jane is very concerned about the children dealing with “negative comments” from internet trolls. In addition, Jane does not choose to answer many questions about her children in order to keep their lives private. Is it possible that her successful sister-in-law, singer and actress Jewel discussed the perils of fame on children? She never mentions this, but does mention that new cabin that has caused her some conflict with Atz Lee this entire past season!

“I wanted to answer some questions without getting too much flack.. We have two kids.. I am never not acknowledging how proud I am of them.. Etienne was on for a short bit last week as he is 15 and can hopefully deal with any negative comments, Piper does not want to be on tv at this time… She is usually with me when we are filming or with family.. Like my mom… I don’t like to answer to many questions about them as they enjoy their privacy.. But I will post pictures from time to time.. Also to address all these ridiculous comments about atz lee… He is such a helpful caring human being… Shane and Kelli are not living on the homestead at this time.. Atz lee and atz are not helping Shane build as it is not actively being worked on… We are an unscripted show and can’t get in all our drama and what’s what and who’s where in 42 minutes. I am liking the new cabin more and more… All of us are hard working, no one in our Kilcher family exhibits behavior to warrant hate… Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!”

On another Facebook post, Jane posted expressed her frustrations over the terrible comments that trollers give her and the judgment placed on her family. She is “constantly shocked” by what these negative followers say and she seems quite relieved that she has chosen to not have the kids featured too often on the show.

“Tomorrow is a special episode about Atz Lee after a regular episode (of which I’m hardly featured lol)…I have to say I am in shock of all the hate towards someone who is so poetic, nonjudgemental, and genuinely a person that speaks from the heart..our show films us like 200 hours that go into a 42 minute episode…on average…our editors can in no way capture all that happens in our lives…my husband had a horrible accident, role 26 bones and in his recovery tackled a life long Goal of building a cabin in prime hunting country for our family…THERE is no selfishness in what he is doing..Shane and Kelli are not living on the homestead right now…they are not ready to help, they have logs that take a year to cure…when they are ready to make the move 100%, family will be there to help. I am constantly shocked by the awful comments internet trollers make. Thank god I keep the kids off the show for the most part it’s terrible to be judged when you are part of a family show where so much love and accomplishment happens…no one in our familoy deserves the hate and ugly comments…we are a beautiful family that works hard, we share our lives as honestly as possible considering it’s still a tv show…AND if you think I’m a whiner…guess what…I’ve got way more whining coming….and if you think my husband is a whiner you are dead wrong…Please watch with an open mind and know I am in love with someone that blows me away…at least weekly lol”


Janey is quite vocal on Facebook and she is also quite generous with her time, answering questions posed by fans and giving them a deeper dive into their extraordinary lives on their Alaskan homestead as well as filming Alaska The Last Frontier. She also shares photos of her family as well as photos of her with her love Atz Lee.


In case anyone is convinced that there is trouble in Jane and Atz Lee’s marriage, she was clear to write that things are more than great between the two of them.

“My husband and I are still in love and he’s right next to me in case you think different! Lol”


Jane also reveals that the Kilcher kids joke about their dad, Atz Lee, being accused of being a drama king as he is known in the family as being a very quiet man. As Jane explained on Facebook, Etienne and Piper claim she emits all of the drama in that relationship. Fans of Alaska The Last Frontier are getting the real scoop!

“It’s so funny really… as a mother we teach our kids to not judge or hate… and then we do nothing wrong on our show and BOOM all this hate and judgement saying Atz is selfish, a whiner.. etc… our kids actually laugh about how people seem to think we are…they are like ‘omg mom! Someone thinks dad is a drama king again! Don’t they know you’re the only drama king and queen in this family!’ Cause Atz is actually very shy and avoids confrontation at all costs…. and is like the nicest person in this family.”

The children of Atz Lee and Jane are not seen on Alaska The Last Frontier. Do you agree with this decision, or do you believe that a reality show should show all reality?

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