‘Dance Moms’ Season 8: Abby Lee Miller Not Returning? Who Stays And Who Leaves?

Amid cancellation rumors, it looks like Dance Moms Season 8 is still a go. However, it may not feature coach Abby Lee Miller, who’s facing her court sentencing soon. Who will now helm the dancers? Will the regulars still return?

Executive producer Bryan Stinson teased Dance Moms Season 8 teased earlier this month in a tweet as seen below. Many were delighted that the Lifetime show is still going strong despite the negativity surrounding it, but it also led fans to wonder if Abby Lee Miller is coming back.

Fans strongly expressed their disapproval against the thought, saying that her return would spread the wrong message to viewers that stars can easily get away with fraud.

So where is Abby Lee Miller right now?

Well, she’s currently working on the second part of Dance Moms Season 7, which ET Online reported to be a surprise even to the dance coach herself.

“I never thought anyone would watch the first six episodes,” she told the publication. “I thought this was the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Abby Lee Miller is set to find out whether she will go to jail or not on February 24. Nevertheless, it is said that she has not renewed her contract yet for another season of Dance Moms, which could mean that Season 8 will continue without her regardless of the court’s decision.

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If so, then Dance Moms Season 7B could be the last viewers will see of Abby Lee Miller and her studio ALDC. In a previous report by the Inquisitr,Dance Moms recently held auditions for new cast members without her knowing, further strengthening the rumors that Lifetime has ultimately decided to continue the series without the controversial dance instructor.

At this moment, there is no news yet on who will replace her. Is continuing the show without Miller a good decision? Is there still hope for the dance coach to return for the reality TV’s future seasons? Fans will have to tune in for the answer.

Meanwhile, rumors and speculations for the Dance Moms Season 8 cast have already started. Kendall Vertes, Nia Soux, and Brynn Rumfallo have been widely rumored to come back ever since Kendall tweeted a photo of them, which also notes that Kalani Hilliker is missing.

Due to this, Kalani is believed to have cut ties with Dance Moms. A tweet by the dancer that was sent out a few hours after the photo only corroborates the rumors.

Dance Moms veteran Chloe Lukasiak, who left a few seasons ago, is also being rumored to return. Though she has already expressed that she has moved on from the show, many are still hoping that she changes her mind.

She and her mother Christi are set to make an appearance in Dance Moms Season finale later this month. With this, fans are hoping that Chloe will continue on to Season 8, but she has yet to confirm her full comeback.

None of the current Dance Moms cast, newcomer or regular, has confirmed to be coming back for a new season, so it is best to take caution in reading rumors and speculations. At this time, fans can only guess which ones are still onboard and which ones are leaving based on the individual social media accounts of the dancers and moms, which are still not a good basis unless they explicitly say they’re in or out of the show.

Even Abby Lee Miller may be granted a new season if her legal team is able to convince the court to give her probation instead of jail time. In short, nothing is confirmed for now.

Dance Moms Season 7B airs its final episode on February 21. Lifetime has yet to confirm a Season 8 and a premiere date.

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