WWE News: New Evolution Stable Being Rumored For WWE RAW, Who’s In The Faction?

It has been rumored for some time now that WWE would debut something new for the WWE RAW brand that is almost a blast from the past, and this time, it has everything to do with a popular faction that went by the name of Evolution. WWE has been known for their stables over the years from D-Generation X to random ones like Mean Street Pose. Of course, pro-wrestling, in general, has had popular ones for years, including the Road Warriors, the NWO, and 4 Horsemen.

The factions became so popular back in the 1980s that by the 90s, it was the thing to do. When the NWO formed, it seemed as if everyone was part of it in WCW. Nowadays, you see even New Japan Pro-Wrestling reaping the rewards from having the Bullet Club and the Elite group around. At the end of the day, popular factions get it done and can really and truthfully help several people in their careers.

The Wyatt Family has been a big topic of discussion lately, especially due to all the tension within the group. On top of this, The Shield is still a group that everyone wants to return. However, what if a new stable were to make its return to WWE? What if that stable had old roots that would allow for it to succeed if it is anything like the original concept? Enter the faction known as Evolution.

Kevin Owens Triple H

The original WWE faction was comprised of the legendary Ric Flair, Triple H, and two young studs known as Batista and Randy Orton. The group helped every man in their careers, especially Orton and Batista, who would go on to have main event matches at WrestleMania on multiple occasions while winning numerous WWE championships in their careers. At the time, however, the group was about getting Triple H over as a top heel champion, and it worked very…VERY well.

It is not shocking that rumors coming out of various sources claim that there is a possible return of the stable, but most likely under a new name. Triple H has already started to lay the foundation for this new heel stable on WWE RAW. He has reconnected with Kevin Owens, who is the current WWE Universal Champion. This past week on WWE RAW, Owens ended his friendship with Chris Jericho, who has had his back from almost day one and kept him champion for months.

The only reason to get rid of an asset like Jericho is if you have someone else willing to watch your back that is far superior to Jericho. Enter Samoa Joe, who is now considered to be Triple H’s heavy. On his first night with the main roster, former WWE NXT Champion Samoa Joe took out Seth Rollins. Rollins is now out with a legit torn MCL, and while he is expected to come back before WrestleMania 33, the real life injury only made Joe look more threatening as a hitman of sorts for The Game.

Samoa Joe Triple H

Having both Triple H and Samoa Joe together is already a threat, but adding Kevin Owens makes this group simply amazing. But what if Joe, Triple H, and Owens were not the only people involved? It is speculated that Finn Balor might also take part in the group. While he was rivals with both Owens and Joe on WWE NXT, he was seen as a star for Triple H that The Game has been very protective of since the start of his career with WWE, and Hunter gave Finn the keys to the kingdom.

Balor alone seemed to keep WWE NXT as a top destination for months even with major losses to the main roster like Owens and Sami Zayn, as well as injuries to people like Hideo Itami. Triple H has been a big fan of Finn’s ever since he began with NXT, and many believe that the very reason he won the WWE Universal Title so quickly in was because The Game pretty much forced it to happen as he wanted to push Balor to the moon on day one.

Adding Finn Balor to a stable with Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens is certainly a good plan if WWE wants to go the Evolution route. The top vet playing the Flair role is Triple H, The Game’s role is played by Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe is the new Batista, and clearly, Finn Balor is the Randy Orton of the group. If a group does end up happening like this, one could expect to see it officially begin between now and the night after WrestleMania 33.

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