Melania Trump Is Being Trolled On Twitter By Her #Powerofthefirstlady Hashtag

Melania Trump's tweets were a long time coming, but one particular #PoweroftheFirstLady hashtag posted on Twitter by Mrs. Trump or an authorized user has many confused. Some have taken to trolling Melania over it. The Independent's indy100 said people have questions.

Melania Trump's first tweet using the @FLOTUS Twitter account was three weeks ago on the day her husband was inaugurated the 45th President of the United States of America. Then, Trump left a simple welcome message that shared her enthusiasm about the future.

"I am deeply honored to serve this wonderful country as First Lady!"

After the second tweet, Melania's Twitter account went silent for weeks on end. Her next tweet, exactly 21 days later, was a message of gratitude to Akie Abe for sharing aspects of her culture during their visit to the Morikami Museum and Japanese Garden in Delray Beach, Florida. Donald and Melania Trump hosted Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his wife during the couple's first State visit with the new President.

Melania then tweeted about her time touring Bethesda by the Sea, the church where she and her husband wed. She took pleasure in sharing something sentimental with her Japanese counterpart.

Melania's next Twitter post is where users began chiming in about her "confusing" tweets. Her next two tweets also featured the #Powerofthefirstlady hashtag.

Some supporters dismissed the Twitter trolls and characterized Melania Trump's tweets as inspirational messages from the First Lady. Still, the criticism grew.
Melania has been under heavy criticism even before President Trump's Inauguration Day. Critics were quick to point out her low profile and absence at many of her husband's campaign events until it was clear he would win the nomination.

Days after the President was sworn in, Melania and her son Barron Trump were back at their primary residence in Trump Tower. Divorce rumors began circulating about Melania and Donald's rocky marriage and probable split. Inquisitr has not independently confirmed the gossip about marital distress between the Trumps.

A spokesperson said the First Lady would delay her move to Washington to allow her 10-year-old son to complete his school enrollment for the current term.

As a doting parent, Melania plans to juggle the responsibilities of raising her son and carrying out her official duties based on the tradition of the Office of the First Lady. Until Barron completes school later this year, Melania will be commuting back and forth, which presents its own set of security challenges for Secret Service and the New York Police Department.

Currently, Melania is a plaintiff in a $150 million civil lawsuit against the Mail Online global news portal. At the center of her formal complaint is an article published by the outlet that suggested Melania's formal modeling agency doubled as a front for escort services. The post has been deleted, and a blogger (not affiliated with the subsidiary Daily Mail) reportedly settled with Melania for an undisclosed amount.

Melania's legal action against the publication remains. However, some are criticizing Trump for the defamation lawsuit and charging that she is trying to "cash in" by using her position in the White House to boost her brand. This assertion was based on language contained in the lawsuit documents, which prompted her legal team to release a statement to counter the rumors.

And to add to her early woes, critics blasted Melania for her absence when the Japanese Prime Minister and his wife arrived in Washington. Melania was not present with her husband to greet the dignitaries. One mainstream publication ran the headline, "Where is Melania?"

USA Today wrote, "It was another sign that Mrs. Trump, 46, will not be a first lady like her more recent predecessors. She was already an unconventional figure when she started her term as FLOTUS, as the first foreign-born first lady in two centuries and a multi-lingual ex-model who kept a low profile on the campaign trail."

A spokesperson for the First Lady released a statement to the public to explain Melania's absence, saying Mrs. Abe had previous engagements upon arrival.

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