Is Blake Shelton ‘Sleeping On The Couch’ Because He Forgot Valentine’s Day?

Blake Shelton is reportedly in the doghouse after forgetting about Valentine’s Day. During an appearance with Carson Daly and Matt Lauer on Today, Gwen Stefani revealed that the country crooner wasn’t even in the same state as her on the big day. Is this why he’s sleeping on the couch?

According to E! News, Stefani admitted that Shelton was actually in Oklahoma during the romantic holiday. “He forgot!” Stefani joked with Daly and Lauer. “No, just kidding. I got some beautiful flowers and lots of texts. It was fun,” she added.

Stefani took to Snapchat after receiving Shelton’s flowers on Tuesday. She wasn’t quite sure who sent the flowers because there wasn’t a card, but she thanked Shelton once she figured it out. Refinery 29 reports that she also shared a close-up pic of her kissing Shelton on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Daly also poked fun at Stefani’s romance with the country star. After telling her that it was “weird” that they were still together, Stefani gushed that Shelton is the “greatest guy ever.” She also couldn’t help but dish on the upcoming season of The Voice.

Although Stefani admitted that she worried about the awkwardness of competing against her boyfriend on national television, she’s also learned a lot about country music. Despite her desire to win it all next season, Stefani revealed that she and Shelton actually help each other out when it comes to matching up contestants.

Of course, they are also fiercely competitive. ET Online reports that Shelton and Stefani are preparing for war when The Voice returns to NBC later this month. In fact, Shelton admitted that when the battle rounds kick into high gear, he’s planning on leaving Stefani on her own.

“She is sleeping on the couch, that is what happens,” he said. “She will be in the dog house.”

That being said, Stefani can still rely on her longtime friendship with fellow coach Alicia Keys, especially when it comes to ganging up against Blake Shelton and Adam Levine. Stefani gushed about her friendship with Keys, calling her “a strong person” with “good energy” before dishing on what fans can expect this season.

“This season is really intense. There’s a lot of really, really good singers,” she stated. “When you have someone like Alicia, I feel like everybody wants to be with Alicia. She’s so good at pitching herself ’cause she’s so amazing, and then she’s new. There’s just something about it.”

Speaking of The Voice, Yahoo is reporting that Shelton and Levine recently revealed who they would like to see replace them if they ever take a season off. Although Levine revealed that he probably won’t ever give up his seat on the show, he eventually admitted that either Bruno Mars or Justin Timberlake would be good options.

For Shelton, he believes his replacement should be somebody who can come in and shake things up with the other coaches. Who better to do just that than David Lee Roth? On the contrary, not everyone agrees with Shelton’s pick. When Roth’s former Van Halen replacement, Sammy Hagar, advised Team Adam last year, he believed that Roth wouldn’t be a good coach.

“He’s one of those guys — it would be all about him. He’s not there to help the other guy. He’s there to glorify himself,” Hagar said. “Come on. He’s too quirky for that.”

Even still, Shelton thinks Roth would be a great replacement. After all, Roth’s presence would certainly boost ratings. Then again, it doesn’t sound like Shelton and Levine are quitting anytime soon.

Season 12 of The Voice airs Feb. 27 on NBC.

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