Gwen Stefani And Alicia Keys Brawling Backstage On ‘The Voice’ Season 12?

Gwen Stefani and Alicia Keys are taking off the gloves in Season 12 of The Voice. Radar Online reports that the coaches are fighting behind-the-scenes as Stefani makes her highly anticipated return to NBC’s hit singing competition.

Their feud allegedly started because Keys had forged a strong bond with last season’s coach, Miley Cyrus. Stefani is replacing Cyrus in Season 12, and while most of the coaches are excited about the change, Keys isn’t happy.

“Alicia and Gwen have never really liked each other, and have been in competition for most of their lives,” an inside source explained. “But because Alicia and Miley got super close last season, Alicia is desperately trying to give Gwen a hard time so she does not return next season!”

How did Stefani react to all the drama? According to Enstarz, an insider claims that Blake Shelton and Keys have already talked about the issue on set. At the same time, Stefani has allegedly voiced her complaints to producers and believes she can use her pull to stop the fighting. After all, fans have waited a long time for Stefani to reunite with Shelton on The Voice, and her return is likely to boost ratings.

That being said, there’s no outward indication that Stefani and Keys are at odds with each other. Instead, ET Online reports that all of the coaches are getting along just fine, including Keys and Stefani.

In a recent clip, Stefani and Keys shared a hilarious moment while talking about social media. “Gwen is pretending like she don’t know what Snap is… liar!” Keys joked in a video Stefani uploaded on Snapchat.

Shelton also got in on the fun and joked around about his double chin. Based on the funny videos, it looks like all the judges are bonding this season. In fact, not only are Keys and Stefani getting along, but they’re also starting to form a pretty tight friendship.

According to E! Online, Keys and Stefani just opened up about their true feelings for each other in a special sneak peek for the new season. Although Keys bonded with Cyrus last year, she admitted that she was thrilled at coaching alongside the “No Doubt” frontwoman in Season 12.

“I am crazy excited about Gwen joining this season. That’s my friend,” she explained. “She is such a beautiful soul, and I love her style and her kindness and her sweetness. She’s a very, very genuine person.”

Gwen Stefani couldn’t agree more. “Alicia is unbelievably inspiring. She has a spirit and an energy to her that just has an impact, and she’s just full of goodness,” Stefani noted about Keys. “There’s been a lot of love and lots of laughing.”

Of course, Shelton and Levine aren’t about to share compliments. While Stefani and Keys gushed about each other’s friendship, Levine joked about saying anything nice in Shelton’s direction. In fact, Levine admitted that they do pretty much the opposite of that on a daily basis.

For his part, Shelton got a little more serious about what Levine’s bromance means to the show. Despite all the rumors about feuds and behind-the-scenes fights, Shelton admitted that there’s “a lot of love” between the coaches.

“This combination of coaches is not like any other,” he concluded. “There’s a bond here that is unexplainable.”

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Season 12 marks Stefani’s first full-time appearance on the show since Season 9. It’s also the first time Stefani and Shelton have competed against each other since their romance heated up on the show. Based on their interactions so far, it looks like they pair will pick up where they left off.

The Voice returns to NBC on Feb. 27, check out a teaser below.

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