‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: David Hayward Coming To Port Charles?

General Hospital spoilers have been tossing around a lot of possible scenarios. It was announced a few weeks ago that ABC finally regained the rights to two former soaps, All My Children and One Life to Live. Immediately, fans began wondering if any of their favorites would be coming to Port Charles and if they would, where would they fit in. The first announcement came from a video posted by Frank Valentini on Twitter. Nora Buchanan (Hillary B. Smith) from One Life to Live would officially be appearing on General Hospital, but there were no details about how long she would stay and whether or not this was strictly a cameo or something more.

Several of the actors from the now-defunct soaps have moved on to other soaps on different networks, and a few have already landed on General Hospital. Spoilers are now coming out with various ideas that could come to fruition, but one, in particular, seems to have more merit than others at this point. According to Soap Hub, Vincent Irizarry is out at Days of Our Lives. The reason behind this hasn’t been confirmed, but rumor has it he could have been fired. Irizarry was on All My Children as the troubled Dr. David Hayward. He has direct ties to a long-time General Hospital character, which means he could be put back into his old role and sent to Port Charles.

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David Hayward is directly connected to Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) on General Hospital. Over a decade ago, Hughes moved her character to Pine Valley. She was still Anna Devane, but she was in a new environment. The writers paired her opposite Vincent Irizarry, and it was a hit. Their relationship was tumultuous, but it resulted in the couple having a daughter they named Leora. Unfortunately, Leora died after a surgery, and it tore their marriage apart. General Hospital spoilers suggest that with all that is going on with Anna in Port Charles, it may be time to bring in her ex-husband to help save her.

Fans aren’t sure what to think about adding additional actors to the growing list on General Hospital. There are plenty of characters not shown each day, and some of the ones on the recurring status could be used more with better storylines. February sweeps is in full force on General Hospital, and yet, there aren’t many fans jumping for joy over what has been written. When the Nora Buchanan announcement was made, there was a mixed reaction. Some fans jumped to watching this show after the two other soaps were canceled, and some have been watching since day one. With such tension out there about adding new people, bringing someone like Vincent Irizarry on board could cause issues.

Right now, General Hospital spoilers haven’t confirmed Vincent Irizarry being added as David Hayward. It was confirmed that he was out at Days of Our Lives but nothing more. There has been some chatter about him possibly returning to a role he once held on the Young and the Restless. With so many possibilities available, it is unclear if Irizarry will choose where he wants to go or if he will take a break from daytime. Some General Hospital fans are hoping he is brought to Port Charles to help with Anna, especially now that she lost Duke Lavery (Ian Buchanan) and has virtually no one left. As of now, General Hospital spoilers aren’t letting out anything they are working on regarding bringing more ABC soap stars on board from the two other shows, but if they do, there will definitely be some unhappy fans.

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