Trump Has Hard Time Finding Non-Fake News Reporters In Press Conference Crowd

Was Donald Trump’s press conference a breath of fresh air or was it a prolonged blast of hot air for the one hour-plus event on Thursday? One of Trump’s biggest concerns is the press knowing about things that are of a classified nature. How this has happened for the many years that it has been going on is a mystery that Trump is out to solve and he made himself clear on this during the news conference.

The classified leaks coming from Washington and being fed to the press is a criminal act, said Trump. He was also visibly disturbed by reading how the White House and his administration is in chaos, which is what the headlines convey lately. This is just more fake news, said Trump. He noted how his administration is in great shape and working like a “fine-tuned machine.” Buzz Feed News suggests that Trump used his “bully pulpit” to talk “straight to the people” in his attempt to “retake the narrative of a White House in chaos.”

Trump predicts tomorrow’s headlines will reflect this press conference as “Donald Trump rants and raves at press conference.” He was sure to note this was not ranting and raving, he was offering up the real news before it got twisted in various degrees by the press.

While Trump called out the media as a whole for the disturbing liberties they take in their reporting, he also called out the various media outlets one by one as he answered their questions. As he looked around the room he said that he was looking for friendly outlets after answering questions for some of the unfriendly media outlets, as Trump referred to them.

He noted that he was well aware of all the fake news media sites represented around the room. Besides the classified information being leaked to the media, another bone of contention that was noted by Trump is the press constantly referring to him as having some type of relationship with Russia.

He was quick to point out that as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, handed over 20 percent of this nation’s uranium to Russia, which is “a thing called nuclear weapons, and other things,” said Trump as reported on CNBC. The facts around this report were somewhat skewed, reports Policy Mic. Trump reiterated once again that he has no ties to Russia and that he and Putin talked twice on the phone so far. Both of those phone calls came on special occasions — the night he was elected as president and the day he was inaugurated.

He also talked about the recent incidents with Russia, including their spy ship just 30 miles off the coast of Connecticut, the Russian jets buzzing the U.S. Navy jets in the Black Sea and the missile launching. He said “not good” after a reporter named each of these incidents.

Members of the press wanted to know what he was going to do about Russia’s latest antics and he told the media that if he gets tough with Russia the country would be happy, but right now that’s not what he intends to do. Trump conveyed that his intention is to attempt to get along with that country and every other country that is amendable to a peaceful co-existence on this planet.

Trump said if they can’t get along, then he is not going to tell the press what he is about to do. This is classified information and he is not about to offer up the course of action, Trump conveyed. He reiterated that he does not intend to share this information with the public so the enemies he is working against know what to expect. When asked by a reporter, “Can we conclude there will be no response to these particular provocations?” Trump gave a long response about not having to tell reporters anything about what he intends to do via military actions.

He also said, “So when you ask me what am I going to do with a ship, the Russian ship as an example, I’m not going to tell you. But hopefully, I won’t have to do anything, but I’m not going to tell you,” according to the transcript of the press conference posted by the New York Times.

Trump covered everything from A to Z at this long-lunchtime press conference, making it very clear that he inherited a mess both nationally and internationally. According to Fox News on Thursday afternoon, Trump is a unique president and people need to realize these are different times. Fox News anchors commented on Trump’s conference and how this is the first time a president has gone off on the press in such a detailed manner. He came out “swinging” and he didn’t back down, conveyed Fox News live.

[Featured Image by Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Images]