Toyota Recalls 2.77 Million Vehicles, Including Prius

Toyota is recalling 2.77 million vehicles around the world over water pump and steering shaft problems in the latest the Japanese automaker’s quality problems.

Toyota noted in the recall that no accidents have been reported related to either problem. About 1.51 million vehicles are being recalled in Japan for the steering problem, reports USA Today.

About 1.25 million of the cars being recalled abroad including 67,000 inside the US Models included are the Prius hybrid, Corolla, Wish, and others that were produced between 2000 and 2009 in the US.

The Japanese automaker is just coming off of its largest ever vehicle recall when it announced that 7.43 million vehicles were affected by a faulty power-window switch that could cause fires last month.

Over the past several years, Toyota has recalled 14 million vehicles for various problems including faulty floor mats, braking, and gas pedals sticking, according to the Christian Science Monitor.

Toyota reported in the recall that the main problem with is with the steering intermediate extension shaft. If the vehicle’s steering wheel is forcefully turned to the full right or full left position while driving slowly, the splines of the shaft can become deformed, wearing out quickly.

The second problem is with the Prisu model having a faulty water pump. Toyota stated, “In limited instances, the electric power supply circuit fuse may open, causing the hybrid system to stop while the vehicle is being driven.”

Toyota will be sending notifications to owners of the recalled vehicles in December to advise them of scheduling an appointment with the dealership. Mechanics at the dealership will inspect the extension shaft and the electric water pump. They will either repair or replace the parts.