'The Kettering Incident': Will It Be Renewed For Season 2?

The Kettering Incident is an Australian program that was released on Foxtel in 2016. Since then, American audiences have lapped it up and now the U.K. is being introduced to this eerie series. However, will The Kettering Incident return for Season 2?

The Kettering Incident burst across TV screens when it aired, with many fans taking to Facebook and other social media outlets to talk about the Australian show in general and, more specifically, its abrupt Season 1 finale. Ever since the show concluded, fans and viewers have been wondering if the show will be renewed for Season 2.

Showcase's 'The Kettering Incident,' Gillian in her red coat, Season 2
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There is still no official announcement by Foxtel in regard to Season 2 of The Kettering Incident. This is even after the show scooped up accolades at the AACTA Awards in Australia. After that event, the Daily Mail revealed that a spokesperson for Foxtel could not yet confirm if Season 2 of The Kettering Incident was in the cards for 2017.

"We are extremely excited for our line up in 2017 but regrettably we are unable to confirm if we will be airing a second season of The Kettering Incident or Secret City at this stage."
Although, as fans quickly pointed out, this could indicate that Season 2 of The Kettering Incident would not appear in 2017, but might air at some point after that date.

Now, a Facebook page dedicated to The Kettering Incident has revealed that it is very likely The Kettering Incident will return for Season 2, even if it can't confirm when. When sharing an article about the show being released on Amazon Prime in the U.S., the official Facebook page noted that the article was "great but he's wrong about S2 being unlikely."

Fans eagerly questioned the site about what this statement meant.

Julia Hendy-Cartwright, the former assistant producer and assistant director for ABC TV Australia, indicated that Season 2 of The Kettering Incident was now in the "planning stages." However, it needs to be noted that this page has not yet been confirmed as an official Facebook page for The Kettering Incident by use of the verified Facebook tick. This means fans will still have to wait for an official announcement from Foxtel or Showcase in regard to whether this show has been renewed for Season 2 or not.

Regardless of whether there has been an official announcement or not, the show's co-creator, Vicki Madden, already has Season 2 of The Kettering Incident plotted out according to the Mercury.

"I have developed a story outline for series two that Foxtel will take a look at," Madden revealed.

However, she does stress that with a show such as The Kettering Incident, raising finances will take time. So, even if the show is renewed, she would still have to spend "about five to six months" writing Season 2.

Madden did reveal some information about the direction in which she wanted to take Season 2 though.

"Obviously I can't give any spoilers away but the intention is always to heighten the tension and further the mystery of The Kettering Incident. For me the deeper and darker I can go, the better."
While The Kettering Incident may have a devout group of fans, outlets such as Rotten Tomatoes are lauding the show while also calling it "the best show that absolutely nobody's watching." Vice agrees with this sentiment but adds that the location and story of The Kettering Incident marries beautifully to create the eerie series.

Showcase's 'The Kettering Incident,' Season 2
[Image by Foxtel/Showcase]

The official synopsis for Season 1 of The Kettering Incident is below.

"Anna Macy left Kettering when she was just 14, shortly after her best friend, Gillian Baxter mysteriously disappeared. The two girls had been playing in the forbidden forests outside Kettering when they saw strange lights in the sky. Eight hours later, Anna was found alone, terrified and covered in blood.

"15 years on, Anna returns to find the town struggling to survive. The forests have been marked for logging and the community is being torn apart by passionate but violent clashes between environmentalists and the local loggers.

"Time might have passed but Anna's reappearance causes a stir. Theories and rumors persist about what really happened to the girls that night – from Anna killing Gillian to alien abduction. Then another girl suddenly disappears. Has she run away or has something more sinister happened? If so, by whom or what, and why? Is it linked to Gillian's disappearance all those years ago?"

You can view the Season 1 trailer for The Kettering Incident below.
The Kettering Incident was filmed on location in Tasmania, Australia, in the small town of Kettering, in association with Screen Tasmania. Screen Tasmania is currently best known for the new release movie Lion, starring Dev Patel and Nicole Kidman.

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The Kettering Incident is currently airing on Foxtel in Australia, Amazon Prime in the U.S. and Sky Atlantic in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Europe.

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