‘Teen Mom OG’ New Season: What Role Will Farrah Abraham Play?

With the announcement of the Teen Mom OG new season, fans have been speculating as to what role Farrah Abraham will play, if any, in all the drama. And with all the cheating, the engagements, and the ridiculous music videos that abound, viewers are sure that the Teen Mom OG new season will be nothing short of hilariously dramatic!

One of the first things fans can expect in the Teen Mom OG new season, according to the Hollywood Gossip, is Catelynn Lowell trying for another kid with her cheating husband, Tyler Baltierra. According to the outlet, this second child will serve as a “Band-Aid” baby to try to fix their failing relationship, which is suffering under the pressure of Tyler’s steadily mounting cheating scandal.

And that’s not all: Catelynn is still undergoing treatment for a wide variety of mental health issues, and Tyler is getting treatment for the depression he began suffering as a result of his father’s legal troubles. So, to say that they’re in a mess is an understatement!

Meanwhile, Wetpaint recently sat down with Amber Portwood to talk about the Teen Mom OG season premiere. As it stands right now, Portwood is facing eviction from her home because she’s failed to pay rent for a few months. In addition, she’s rumored to be addicted to drugs. So, things aren’t looking so bright for our girl Amber, and certainly, these issues will be explored in the new season.

But she’s also not one to take these accusations lying down, as she told Wetpaint.

“It’s not true [that she’s back on drugs]. I’m simply taking medication for my mental illness. I just don’t want people to think that any of the rumors are reflective of my character as a person. People are saying other things, including that I’m scamming people through my boutique and that’s not true at all. I don’t understand this. I don’t think people are remembering that I’ve been to the bottom. I would never do this.”

Doing our make-up together..She said she wants to be just like mommy...I swear I love her soo much???? sending so much love????

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As for Farrah Abraham, she hasn’t had to wait for the Teen Mom OG new season to stay in the news — she’s been in there naturally. Whether she’s buying her own engagement ring, making questionable parenting decisions, or supporting President Trump, Farrah Abraham certainly knows how to get — and keep — the cameras on her at all times.

So how will she be represented in the Teen Mom OG new season?

Cosmopolitan Magazine recently sat down to talk with Debra Danielsen, and she talked about what her fans can expect of her daughter in the Teen Mom OG new season.

“We’re both businesswoman, we both like to be creative, and so we both would have still done that, but it would have been on a smaller scale and I think the world would have been lesser for it. There’s so many people that reach out to us on a daily basis or stop us and tell us what [the show] has meant to them and how it has changed their lives. The other day I went in for a taco at Taco Bell, I’m sitting there and this lady comes up and introduces her daughter to me whose name is Sophia, and she just says, “I really relate to what Farrah go through, I’m proud of how hard she works, and I love how much you love your daughter.” To me, that was a beautiful thing.”

Will you be checking out the Teen Mom OG new season?

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