'General Hospital' News: Bradford Anderson Speaks Out About Temporary Recasting Of Spinelli

The news came out recently that someone other than Bradford Anderson would be playing Spinelli on a few upcoming episodes of General Hospital. Of course, the fans are going to miss Bradford, and some of them didn't take to the news very well. Now Soap Opera Digest is sharing that Bradford Anderson is speaking out to his fans. He wants them to understand he couldn't be there and accept the new guy playing the part for a bit.

Blake Berris, who used to play Nick on Days of Our Lives, will be taking over in the role of Spinelli for a little bit. Bradford Anderson actually went to his Facebook page to share exactly why he can't be on General Hospital and what is going on. It is actually pretty exciting to find out that Bradford Anderson will be on another show and that is why he can't be there. He will be filming a few upcoming episodes of the hit show Homeland that airs on Showtime. He shared that this is a show that he has watched from the start and loves, so this opportunity is really exciting for Bradford.

Bradford Anderson with Santa
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Bradford Anderson explained that it all happened at the last minute and he had to back out of the General Hospital episodes, which of course he didn't want to do either. Bradford wanted to do both, but it just wouldn't work out. He is apologizing for all of what went down and went on to explain a bit more.

"GH took whatever steps they needed to proceed without me. My plea to you is to be compassionate, understanding, and appreciative of whatever decisions they made. If anything looks or sounds different than you're used to, understand that it's because of a decision that I made. The situation was created by ME.

I know some might rush to negativity, but I'd like to urge everyone to think about how unique our genre is, and how soaps truly embody the spirit of "the show must go on". To give you an idea of hard GH had to work, they learned on a Friday that I wouldn't be there to film on Monday. Imagine having to find an actor to play Spin in an important storyline, OVER A WEEKEND. And just wait til you see who they found... The perfect choice. I for one can't wait to watch."

The fans are going to really miss seeing Bradford Anderson as Spinelli, but it sounds like this is just a temporary situation. He should be back again once they want Spinelli on the show again. Hopefully, it all works out in the end, but the fans are going to have to learn to accept Blake Berris in this role. If he does a great job, you never know they might decide to bring him back again in the future if something was to happen where Bradford Anderson couldn't be there. So far, there is no word on exactly why Spinelli is back, but the viewers always love it when he shows up in Port Charles. Bradford Anderson will be missed, but hopefully Blake does a great job in the role.

Blake Berris will play Spinelli
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Are you shocked to hear that General Hospital will have someone other than Bradford Anderson playing the part of Spinelli for a bit? Are you happy to see how Blake Berris does in the spot? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of General Hospital weekdays on ABC. You also won't want to miss Bradford Anderson when he appears on Homeland.

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