Melania Trump’s First Pictures Inside White House On Feb. 15 – New Hair [Photos]

First Lady Melania Trump is making plenty of news on Wednesday, February 15. As reported by the Inquisitr, a source close to the Trump Family claimed Melania was “miserable” and “unhappy” in her role in the White House, and warned folks not to be fooled by Mrs. Trump’s smile in certain photos. However, Mrs. Trump offered plenty of close-up, as seen in the below photos and video, as Melania and President Donald Trump welcomed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Sara Netanyahu, his wife, into the White House.

The below video shows Melania and Mr. Trump greeting their guests.

Although many of the photos like the one above show Prime Minister Netanyahu, Sara, Melania and Mr. Trump outside of the White House, the below photo shows Melania welcoming Sara from inside the White House, as the duo appeared in the East Room of the White House.

Melania Trump suit

According to the Daily Mail, the photos represent the first time that Melania has made an official White House appearance since the day Mr. Trump was sworn into office on January 20. On that day, former President Barack Obama and Mrs. Michelle Obama welcomed Mr. and Mrs. Trump inside the White House for tea and desserts, but those photos from inside the White House were not made public. Instead, plenty of photos of Melania and President Trump outside of the White House were taken that day, as Mrs. Trump presented Mrs. Obama with a gift.

The publication also notes that Melania lightened her hair, which can be seen in close-up photos below.

 Karl Lagerfeld – a white cashmere pencil skirt and jacket.

As seen in the above photos, President Trump chose a dark suit in contrast to the blue suit worn by the Prime Minister. First Lady Melania’s donned a white suit that stood in contrast to the pink or mauve tone of Sara’s ensemble as the foursome walked into the White House.

According to WWD, Melania’s white suit was made by Karl Lagerfeld – and just as Mrs. Trump has previously chosen white outfits, she also once again donned a white ensemble that was made out of cashmere. Melania’s pencil skirt and jacket were coupled with high heel pumps that appeared to be off-white or cream in tone.

Melania inside White House

More photos of Melania like the one above and below show Mrs. Trump as she arrived in the East Room. Melania was there inside the East Room of the White House to listen to a joint news conference with her husband and Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Melania inside White House

Another photo above shows Melania after sitting down in the East Room of the White House and listening intently to the news conference.

 Karl Lagerfeld – a white cashmere pencil skirt and jacket.

Other photos like the one above show Mrs. Trump arm-in-arm with Sara as they posed for photos outside at the South Portico of the White House. With Netanyahu attempting to strengthen ties with Trump’s administration following eight years of run-ins with President Obama regarding Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians, the news conference is getting plenty of publicity.

As reported by the Associated Press, Mr. Trump tried to persuade the prime minister to “hold off” on settlements for some period.


Meanwhile, those fashion aficionados more interested in the stylings of the first lady were thrilled at seeing Mrs. Trump’s latest fashion choice, with a cinched waist on the white cashmere jacket.


Videos of the greetings between the couples also began to get buzz, as Sara was seen urging her husband to greet Melania. As seen in the above video from Fox 10 Phoenix, Mr. and Mrs. Trump walked outside the White House and waited for their guests and made small talk as the prime minister and his wife arrived.

As Mr. Trump talked with the prime minister and shook his hand, Melania and Sara spoke with one another. Eventually, Sara prodded her husband to greet Melania, and the duo kissed each other on each cheek. President Trump shook Sara’s hand. Then the foursome turned around and posed for photos before Melania made a move to usher them all inside.


A rush of photographers eventually followed the foursome inside the White House.


Upon exiting the car, more of Sara’s outfit was revealed, with a dress the same color as her coat being shown.

greeting White House

Ivanka Trump joined Melania, along with Ivanka’s husband, senior adviser Jared Kushner, as seen in the following photo in the East Room of the White House.


According to the Daily Mail, Ivanka sat next to Melania.


The above and below photos of Mr. and Mrs. Trump were taken as they waited outside the White House for their guests.

Melania photos

With Melania spending plenty of time in Trump Tower in New York City, photos of Mrs. Trump inside the White House are a hotly-buzzed about item.

 Karl Lagerfeld – a white cashmere pencil skirt and jacket.

Compared to the photo gallery of Melania at occasions in the past, viewers can decide for themselves if Melania’s hair appears lighter.

On social media, folks are reacting to Mrs. Trump’s White House appearance.

Either way, a Melania sighting tends to bring plenty of attention.

Meanwhile, Melania is winning praise for her fashion choices.

[Featured Image by Evan Vucci/AP Images]