‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Will Abigail Be Surprised By Shocking Reunion?

Days of Our Lives spoilers are finally in, and it looks like Gabi and Chad acted on their feelings for one another. It seems like being stuck in the same room together was the ultimate test and led to the reunion some Days of Our Lives fans were hoping for.

The Inquisitr has been teasing that this pair would have to eventually heat things up if their feelings for each other kept up. So what finally drove them to hook up once again? Well, according to spoilers their situation is looking bleak. They’ve been held captive in a meat locker, and someone has messed with the temperature, which means they could freeze to death. It sounds like while on the brink of death, the two will come to their senses and seize the day, which leads to things getting steamy on Days of Our Lives.

On the other side of this storyline, a previous Days of Our Lives spoilers post said that Abigail is desperately searching for her husband because she wants to rectify what she ruined when she disappeared.

While Days of Our Lives fans might not be surprised by how obvious this hook up was from the start, there’s still a few shocks in this storyline. According to a recent spoilers post by Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Abigail’s inevitable reaction to the news of her husband’s transgressions is still a big question mark.

This situation is going to get very complicated over time. As Days of Our Lives viewers know, Chad has major trust issues with Abigail, since she kept herself hidden from him despite him being a loving husband. Now, Abby is set with the task of trying to prove her worth to Chad. The fact that he’s missing with Gabi seems to put her feelings into motion, and she realizes that she can’t live without her husband, but she’s going to have an uphill battle despite his loyalty.

Days of Our Lives spoilers in the past have suggested that while Abigail was away, Chad developed new feelings for Gabi during her time of need. He’s proven that he knows how to calm her down and take care of her worries, and Gabi has also been there for him. That said, up until now, Chad had done his best to resist his feelings for her, especially when Abby returned. The both have been working hard on trying to make their relationship work, but now with this new development, is everything ruined for Chad and Abby?

We don’t exactly know, but Days of Our Lives fans might get their answer sooner rather than later as spoilers suggested that Andre and Eduardo will squash the conflict and negotiate for the couple’s release, which means they will escape death, but they might not escape all of what transpired in that meat locker.

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that they want to keep this tryst between the two of them private so Chad can work on his relationship with Abby, but since he’s a good guy, it’s said that Chad will eventually reveal the truth to Abigail, which could have devastating consequences.

Before Abby is aware of what’s going on, there are spoilers out there that Rafe will be in the know about the rekindling. By the time Chad reveals the truth to Abigail, there’s a big indication that she might already know if Rafe goes to her with the news.

What do you think of these latest Days of Our Lives spoilers? How will Abby react to the news?

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