Karlie Kloss Dresses As A Geisha After She Mistook Beyoncé For TLC


Karlie Kloss is causing more controversy. After it was revealed that she mistook Beyoncé for TLC, she appeared as a geisha for Vogue‘s “Diversity” issue.


The March 2017 issue of the fashion publication is said to be called “diversity,” but there seems to be a misunderstanding of the topic. Karlie Kloss is seen dressing up as a geisha in the magazine. Kloss was shot in Japan by photographer Mikael Jansson, reports The Cut. One of the photos shows Kloss seen next to a sumo wrestler while wearing a black wig and a black and red silk dress.

Another photo shows her walking down the stairs at a tease house while dressed up as a geisha. This controversial shoot is an homage to Richard Avedon’s shoot with German model Veruschka von Lendorff, which appeared in a Vogue issue from 1966. According to the report, Vogue has a long history of publishing controversial editorials such as “slave earrings” and Lara Stone painted in blackface for French Vogue.

Karlie Kloss’ rep has not addressed this latest controversy. Many fans have taken to social media to exclaim their outrage over the photo shoot.


This is just the latest in a string of controversies from the model. The 24-year-old mistook Beyoncé and her famous girl group Destiny’s Child for TLC when she wrote a questionnaire for Love magazine, in which she claimed she’s a “fangirl” of the singer, reports Page Six. Kloss assumed that Queen Bey was the one who sang TLC’s “Waterfalls.”

“[Beyoncé] is the soundtrack of my life!” Kloss wrote. “C’mon, Waterfalls?” That comment set off Bey’s fans on social media.

“If Karlie Kloss thinks Waterwalls is by Beyonce, what the F*** does she think To Kill A Mockingbird (for her ‘favorite book’) is about, I wonder,” tweeted one angry fan.

“The fact that Karlie Kloss thinks Destiny’s Child sang ‘Waterfalls’ has me shaken to the core,” another fan tweeted.

Kloss realized her mistake and simply tweeted, “LOL” along with a screenshot of her interview. She did not follow up with an apology for her mistake.

When Kloss flew down under for the David Jones launch last month, she made it clear that she did not want to discuss politics or her friendship with pop star Taylor Swift. The Daily Telegraph reported that Kloss was scheduled to appear on Seven’s Sunrise, but she bowed out at the last minute when the program refused to agree to her strict interview terms.

“Karlie’s management called the show the night before she was due to appear demanding they promise not to talk about Taylor Swift. When they said that they made no promises about where the conversation may naturally go, they were told that Karlie would not do the interview.”

Topics that weren’t a no-go zone for the model included Kloss’s friendship with Swift, politics, the new U.S. President Donald Trump, and her businessman boyfriend, Joshua Kushner – the brother of Ivanka Trump’s husband Jared Kushner. During the interview scheduled in Australia, five of Kloss’s managers stood by to listen to journalists who spoke to the model, who has worked hard to maintain her high-fashion image.

However, fans have been wondering why she’s friends with Swift, 26, who has kept tight-lipped about politics when Kloss believes that women should code. On the flip side, Kloss is also best friends with Ivanka Trump and has rubbed elbows with the rest of the Trump family. Her history in social climbing was revealed in a new report via The Sydney Morning Herald.

karlie kloss social circle
Karlie Kloss’s inner circle has been questioned. [Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images For New York Fashion Week]

Most of her real life connections not only include Swift’s famous squad members, but she’s also friends with Chloe and Grace Murdoch, Dasha Zhukova, Wendi Dang, and Princess Beatrice. Kloss has been working hard to establish her relationships with the elite, including model Elle Macpherson, claims the report.

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