Hitler skull DNA story proves skull not Hitler’s, not that history is inaccurate

DNA tests on the so-called skull of Hitler have shown that the skull belongs to a woman, a find that some are claiming casts doubt on whether Hitler actually killed himself in his Berlin bunker in 1945.

The Guardian, among many leads with the claim that “Adolf Hitler suicide story questioned after tests reveal skull is a woman’s” and then wraps a story around claims by some historians that without the skull as evidence, Hitler may have not have died as the Red Army fought in the streets of Berlin.

It’s a theory straight out of fiction and the deluded mind of Joseph Stalin, who didn’t accept that Hitler had died and dispatched a second mission in 1946 that looked for evidence to back up the suicide story.

What should be made clear though is that this latest revelation doesn’t prove the story of Hitler’s suicide is false, all it proves is that the Red Army basically f*&ked up and never had in its possession Hitler’s skull fragment. Claiming the find throws doubt on accepted history makes for a good story, but it isn’t backed up by the evidence at hand. The Nazi’s detained at Nuremberg all kept with the story even after some were tortured by the Red Army, and if the story was really fiction it’s likely that at least one would have told the truth at some stage of the process, but there’s no record of that ever occurring.