George Michael's Unreleased Songs: Controversy Over Music Shared By Singer's Boyfriend

George Michael's unreleased songs reportedly make up full three albums, but will the late singer's fans ever get to hear them? A furious debate is splitting George Michael's fans and friends, after a "lost" song shared by George's boyfriend caused an uproar.

The Mirror reports that days after George Michael's death, Fadi Fawaz, George's boyfriend in recent years, took to Twitter to share a link to an unreleased song called "This Kind Of Love." The song, produced by Sir Elton John, was recorded during the 90's but was never officially released.

George Michael and Elton John, right, leave Westminster Abbey following the funeral service for Diana
George Michael and Sir Elton John. [Image by Peter De Jong/AP Images]

"This Kind Of Love" was uploaded to YouTube back in November, but resurfaced this week thanks to Fadi Fawaz's tweet. The lyrics present a very touching love song, like many of George Michael's tracks.

"Don't have to be so scared, don't have to hide what you can, you just have to believe in this kind of love.

Everybody's telling me that these are dangerous times for you and me, can't you see baby?"

The song was originally part of an album called Trojan Souls, that George had been working on during the 90's. The album was going to feature famous guest vocalists, such as Stevie Wonder and Janet Jackson, but with George Michael being a perfectionist, he eventually scrapped the whole project.

The tweet linking to George Michael's unreleased song from that album, posted by Fadi Fawaz, was eventually deleted after it had sparked a major controversy. The reaction storm on Twitter involved fans, friends, and even Andrew Ridgeley, George Michael's partner in music duo Wham!.

After seeing the link to the unreleased song, The Telegraph reports, many of George Michael's fans were furious, claiming the public should not get to hear songs George himself wasn't pleased with.

Responding on Twitter to a fan who condoned the release of previously unheard songs, Andrew Ridgeley explained that George Michael was the only one who could decide what we would - and would not - get to hear.

"No, #GM [George Michael] controlled all his output. I, nor anyone else have the right to transgress that principle."
Singer George Michael, lead singer of the pop group Wham!, with the group's guitarist Andrew Ridgeley 1984
George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley. [Image By Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Other fans, responding directly to Fadi Fawaz's tweet, chipped in on the heated debate, with some saying that getting to hear George Michael's unreleased songs would be a big gift, and others reminding us that George never wanted us to hear them.

Following the controversy, Fadi posted another tweet, explaining that the unreleased song he linked to, "This Kind Of Love," already had many versions of it posted online.

Fadi, who was the one who found George Michael's body on Christmas day, was met with many offers of support following his latest tweet.

"Please ignore haters Fadi, nearly everyone here is with you in mutual grief," wrote one fan on Twitter.

"I heard it before ignore the ones who think they are clever. Sorry for your loss and our loss too," wrote another fan.

Apparently, The Mirror adds, Trojan Souls, which "This Kind Of Love" is from, wasn't the only album George Michael never released. Another one was to be called White Light, after the title track that George debuted during the 2012 Summer Olympics closing ceremony.

The song, "White Light," was inspired by George Michael's fight with pneumonia in 2011 - an illness that almost caused his death. While we did get to hear the single, the album that was set to follow it was never released.

The third George Michael unreleased album was the second volume of his successful 1990 album, Listen Without Prejudice Vol 1. Originally set to be released a year after Vol. 1, Vol. 2 was going to be a more dance-oriented album, but it was scrapped during production. Some of the songs that were originally intended to be a part of Vol. 2, later appeared on other projects.

With such a treasure trove of George Michael's unreleased songs lurking in his vaults, many fans are hoping to receive a few more gifts from their beloved, late singer. But if George himself believed these songs weren't good enough, should we really ask to hear them - or just leave his legacy be, with the songs he officially endorsed?

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