Madonna Flashes Her Butt Onstage Again, Somehow This Helps Hurricane Sandy Victims

Madonna seems to think that flashing her body parts somehow helps to support a worthy cause. To wit, in an effort to raise money for the victims of Hurricane Sandy in New York Monday, Madge flashed her butt onstage as she asked for donations.

The pop superstar was already in New York to visit relief workers at Far Rockaway in Queens on Monday to help spread aid efforts for Sandy victims hours before taking the stage for her MDNA spot at Madison Square Garden. On stage, Madonna talked about her experience at Rockaway Beach and gave props to those helping to clean up and help out in the aftermath of the storm.

Madonna told the audience:

“We … have to call attention to the fact that New York has been devastated by a hurricane and I think that people really underestimate the damage that has been done. The homes, the jobs, the livelihoods that have been lost. … There are many wonderful people, some of them here tonight, who have started amazing initiatives and have been giving help to people who have nowhere to live, who have no food and nowhere to sleep.

“A big thank you to all these people … I went down to Rockaway Beach yesterday with my children and we saw what was going on down there and we saw the destruction and it was really sad but we also saw amazing acts of humanity, people working hard, handing out food, blankets, giving love. … I wanna give a big thanks to those people too. We owe them a lot. New York owes them a lot.”

Then Madonna flashed her butt.

She took off her top to reveal the words “No fear” written on her back and then dropped her pants, telling the audience “(I am) showing (my) naked a– for Hurricane Sandy victims” and told the audience to throw donations to the stage.

“If you are going to look at the crack of my a–, you better raise some cash,” Madonna said.

In all fairness to Madonna, this was actually kind of genius. Why? Because we in the media are covering it! And drawing attention to the relief programs still chuggin’ post-Sandy. Additionally, Madonna earns some decent karma for helping out.

Still, we have to admit, the fact that Madonna has to flash her butt to get attention these days is a pretty clear indication that it’s time to retire.