Bromance Between Putin And Trump May Not Exist: Russia Doesn’t Trust Him

After receiving confirmation from the White House, and multiple intelligence agencies post Elections 2016 on the interference by Russia in the American election, America is concerned. One of the biggest theories circulating the American stratosphere right now is that President Vladimir Putin helped Donald Trump win an election and that there is some sort of bromance happening between the two presidents.

While the links between Russia and Trump and Russia’s interference in the election can not be disputed at this point, what seems to be coming under question right now is the relationship between Trump and Putin. Salon Magazine reports there is “no more love story” between Putin and Trump, and that Russia has absolutely no illusions on what is happening in America with the president right now.

And that is, what is happening right now is that the American presidency is falling apart. It is as Donald Trump would say, a disaster, with new impeachment predictions happening every day.

Things that Donald Trump has said about Putin that support this theory of a strong bromance happening, only help to fuel that fire. But President Vladimir Putin has not been as liberal in his praise on Donald Trump, in fact, he hasn’t said anything at all, and is noticeably silent on the matter. What Putin has said has been misconstrued, and inflated and mistranslated, by Trump, to support Donald Trump’s ego.

In other words, Donald Trump is the only one spinning the theory that he is close to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Many Americans believe him.

Connections with Russia have come under the spotlight again when General Flynn came under fire for having conversations with Russia about the sanctions President Obama put on Russia after it was discovered that Russia interfered with the election. This is clearly a problem and could be considered a “high crime” by American officials. But this problem isn’t the same problem as the alleged bromance happening between Trump and Putin.

The truth is, Russia has very little motivation to be involved in a bromance with the American president. But, Donald Trump definitely has a motivation to keep the Russia love alive: money, his own personal money. And therein lies the real problem.

It’s no secret that Russians celebrated when Trump won the electoral college vote, and even held a party for it. Those were some Kremlin supporters, though, not all of them. It is also no secret that President Vladimir Putin has “enthusiastically welcomed” Trump’s comments on improving ties between America and Russia. Any president would.

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But this does not mean that Putin and Trump have a bromance. One thing that is certain about the Kremlin, as Salon reports, is that the Kremlin likes predictability. Donald Trump is not the poster child of predictability. He is the exact opposite.

Salon reports that many Kremlin supporters were actually hoping Hillary Clinton would win, because “the devil you know is generally better than the devil you don’t.” And nobody, including Russia, knows what Donald Trump will do next. It’s quite possible he doesn’t know what he is going to do next.

Last week, when his travel ban was overruled, he said he was taking it to the Supreme Court. Then he said he wasn’t. Then he said, we’ll see. All of that happened within 24 hours. No world leader is comfortable dealing with that kind of temperament.

And then there’s the dossier. You don’t keep opposition files on people you’re in a bromance with. And this is what Russia has allegedly done. An opposition dossier is a dossier that contains dirt on someone.

Russia allegedly has one on Donald Trump. This speaks volumes of their relationship.

It is a 35-page unverified dossier that was put together by a former British spy. Donald Trump has dismissed this as fake news. That is strange. He has dismissed an unverified document Russia has on him. Is he protesting too much?

CBS News reports that the dossier has gained credibility with law enforcement in recent days. The FBI is leading the investigation, and CBS News says typically the NSA and CIA would be involved in that sort of investigation as well. These are the agencies now giving some credibility to this document.

These agencies are the smartest intelligence agencies in the world, with access to resources and assets that the world does not even know exist. Donald Trump says it’s all fake news. That’s because he has the most to lose if that information ever sees the light of day, and that day gets closer every day.

Donald Trump has also said, Russia loves me, Putin thinks I’m brilliant. He’s also said, I’ve never met him, I have no businesses there, and I don’t know why people think we have a relationship. This has led to warranted outrage in America.

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President Putin never said Trump was brilliant. He used a Russian word that when literally translated means “bright” or “colorful” in a flamboyant kind of brilliance, and not a “genius” kind of brilliance.

However, Trump repeated this in his stump speeches on the campaign trail. Russia didn’t.

It’s very true that some people in Russia, and even some Russian officials see Trump as the “new messiah” as Salon states. But the actual Kremlin, the leadership in Russia, are intelligent enough to see that Trump talks out of both sides of his mouth and his ideas change with the wind. The leadership in Russia also knows that America is not an autocracy, no matter how much Donald Trump is trying to make it so.

There are three branches of government in America. And President Putin knows getting to Donald isn’t enough. Congress and the Senate are not quick to accept Russian love, no matter what party they are in.

Salon also reports that Kremlin officials view Donald Trump’s unstable personality as worrisome as America does. “When Trump reacts with childish Twitter tantrums over comedy sketches on ‘Saturday Night Live,’ they don’t see a particularly stable man.”

So while it can not be disputed that Trump has a vested reason to embrace Russia, President Putin does not have the same motivation when it comes to the United States. At least, not an interest that is beyond working together to help Russia.

But for Donald Trump, the interest is personal. Very personal. He has money in Russia, according to the Dworkin Report that identifies a spreadsheet listing over 200 businesses registered in Russia with the Trump name on them.

He could get impeached for lying about that, as President Clinton was impeached for lying about less. Then we have Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway saying President Obama’s position on Russia was “weak” in an interview with CNN.

Russia never came out and said that. America did.

Russia also reportedly has a problem with Donald Trump alleging that Iran is the number one terror state. Russia Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov, the same one alleged to have been in contact with the Trump campaign during the election cycle, says that any attempt of Trump’s to revise the Iran nuclear deal would be “diametrically opposed” by Russia.

The first call between President Putin and Trump also did not go well. Trump criticized Putin’s suggestion to extend the START nuclear treaty and then had to put the call on hold to ask an advisor what the START deal actually was. So the bromance between Putin and Trump is not the big love fest that Trump has led America to believe.

While Russia may not be quick to hug the “hot head” leading America, that doesn’t mean the “hot heads” leading America to feel the same way, reports Salon. General Flynn has been in the news this week, and it’s not good. He’s in the news with the word “impeachment” for allegedly having a relationship with Russia.

It’s not difficult to believe. The Dworkin Report published several pieces of evidence where General Flynn was spotted at dinner with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Dworkin Report also has reported on over 200 businesses in Russia registered with the Trump name on them. That is not difficult to believe either. Donald Trump’s own family has talked about business in Russia.

So it may be that while Russia isn’t as keen on Trump as Trump is on Putin, Donald Trump definitely has a vested interest, a literal vested interest, in being warm and fuzzy with Russian President Vladimir Putin. There may be no bromance.

It is almost starting to look like that relationship where the girl keeps leaving messages for the guy, and telling her friends how awesome he is and how strong their relationship is, when her calls aren’t being returned because she’s acting a little unstable. So the love story between Trump and Putin is under question.

But that is not to dismiss the recent news of American leaders getting in some hot water in allegations related to Russia. If what General Flynn is being accused of is true, this could be considered a high crime. This would also be an impeachable offense, not just for Flynn, but anyone that helped him, if any of the latest allegations are true.

David Corn from Mother Jones has this story, in a “bombshell report” that expands on the recent problem with Flynn and Russia, where he says, Trump’s security advisor is dishonest and untrustworthy, and he may not be very bright. What he means about that is that Flynn lied about something that was on tape, and being an NSA expert, he should have known he was on tape: not very bright.

Corn writes that while much of the “bromance” is under question, one new piece of the puzzle “has been clearly depicted.”

That is that it is now clear that General Michael Flynn, America’s National Security Adviser, was in fact in cahoots with Russia to undermine the American government’s claims that Russia interfered with the election. And, it seems that he did not tell the truth about his story.

That is, General Michael Flynn has told two versions of the same story, meaning, he lied at least one of those times. Any conversation with Russia could be a violation of the Logan Act, which Cornell Law tells us is as follows.

“Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or carries on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, with intent to influence the measures or conduct of any foreign government or of any officer or agent thereof, in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States, or to defeat the measures of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.”

Vice President Mike Pence has somehow got himself tangled in this mess because he originally supported General Flynn’s original statement that he was not in talks with Russia. That means Mike Pence supported a lie. That also could be a very serious high crime.

This past Friday, David Corn of Mother Jones updated his bombshell report to say that the Trump Administration did indeed confirm that General Flynn spoke to a Russian ambassador about the sanctions. That means the Trump Administration is now standing by the truth, because there is obviously evidence out there about it, and it’s coming out. The House Intelligence Committee is calling for Flynn’s immediate dismissal, and for the dismissal of “other Administration officials [that] misled the American people.”

Russia has been noticeably silent on this matter as well. Why wouldn’t they be? This is America’s problem, not theirs. The bromance looks like it is on unstable grounds, but perhaps Trump just hasn’t read that memo yet.

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