‘Alaskan Bush People’: Will Noah’s Sappy-Like Romancing Scare Off His New Love?

Love is in the air for two of the Alaskan Bush People brothers who are as different as night and day. Joshua “Bam” Brown is down to earth and doesn’t seem to have a role-playing bone in his body. Then there’s Noah, who is living life as if he were on the set of a spaghetti western. Even his attire suggests he parked his horse somewhere down in the lower 48 states as he moseys on through the Alaskan Bush People scenes.

The Alaskan Bush People family speaks with a bizarre accent, but with Noah, it is much more pronounced. His dialog alone sounds like a cross between a western drawl and the Old English out of a Shakespeare play. He also fancies himself quite the inventor, but the majority of his inventions are the same type of things that have been done to the point of saturation as high school science projects across the nation.

This inventing seems to impresses his parents, as his dad, Billy Brown, is usually stationed on his Browntown porch watching his grown children play. This scene, which plays over and over again on the Alaskan Bush People, is one indication as to why poor Noah doesn’t have the skills to lasso himself a bride.

As far as Joshua is concerned, it is like he was born in another family and came along later in life after he matured. That’s not the case, as Josh did have the same upbringing as Noah, which means he somehow learned how to mature within his Alaskan Bush People family. Josh’s brothers, including Noah, seem to be slow on the draw when it comes to maturing. They are all grown men in their 20s and 30s.

Billy and Ami are loving parents, but for some reason, they just can’t let go. They love nothing better than to look out over their Alaskan Bush People Browntown and watch as their grown adult children romp around as if they were preteens. Noah seems to want to be a romantic type of guy, it is just that he tends to miss the mark when it comes time to woo a woman.

Fans of the show have seen his past attempts at romancing, complete with his mother looking at the girl like she was a sacred vessel, one that may carry her potential grandbabies some day. Ami Brown asked Christie if she liked children during Noah’s second date with her. Christie was a local Hoonah girl, so when it was time to run, she didn’t have far to go. It was more like a cameo shot on the Alaskan Bush People show for Christie.

While wooing Christie, Noah was dressed in his spaghetti western garb, but he acted like he was from medieval times, asking Christie’s parents permission to date their daughter. According to the Alaskan Dispatch News, Noah told the parents he would protect their daughter with “his meager life.” Instead of looking back and changing some of the things that went wrong during Christie’s romance, he wrote a song about his failed love and sang it for his next girlfriend. That relationship went into the done-deal romance bin that is slowly starting to fill up on the Alaskan Bush People.

Now Noah has Rhaine to romance, but one has to ask if she is feeling the same about Noah as he does about her. Reports have Noah quite smitten with the young lady, who he supposedly met on a dock in a neighboring town.

Not to rehash the theories that the Alaskan Bush People is a fake show, but reports indicate there are pictures of Noah and Rhaine together in Las Vegas before the time they supposedly found each other on a seaside dock. Of course with any whisper of a romance on reality TV, rumors are spun, like the rumor about Noah and Rhaine already being married. That is one rumor still swirling around on the social media sites.

One thing that seems odd about the couple is the way they pose for pictures when a camera is around. Noah is all but drooling looking at Rhaine, but she strikes a pose as if she were walking the red carpet. While Rhain could be head over heels with the Alaskan Bush People star, there’s always that chance that she sees Noah as her ticket for getting on TV. If that is the case, then the girl deserves all the sappy romance that Noah is bound to throw at her.

[Featured Image by Becky Bohrer/AP Images]