WWE Rumors: Top Five Rumors For ‘Elimination Chamber’ — Luke Harper’s Big Night

On Sunday night, WWE will present the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view (PPV) and it is exclusive to the SmackDown Live brand. Considering how big two of the matches are, the majority of the roster is featured in the eight matches on the card, and that leaves a good chance that so many unexpected things could happen. With so much speculation swirling around, let’s check out the top rumors heading into the big event.

Looking at the official preview page on the WWE website, the eight bouts on the card include three women’s matches, three titles on the line, and two matches that include more than six superstars. It really is incredible to think just how much is actually going to take place and how many surprises could come about.

Luke Harper will dominate the night

For many months and even years, Luke Harper has been in the shadows and just waiting to spring out into the spotlight. Many superstars think he is one of the greatest talents to ever step foot inside a WWE or any wrestling ring for that matter.

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Right now, Randy Orton is heading to main event WrestleMania 33 after winning the Royal Rumble and hardly anyone thinks he will lose. It only makes sense for him to win this match, but if Luke Harper is made to look strong even in defeat, as Bleacher Report believes, it will take him a long way after it is over.

The thing is, don’t expect his night to be over once his match is, but more on that later.

Nikki Bella ends this long-standing feud with Natalya

Nikki Bella is going to be booked strong here and this feud with Natalya has gone on for way too long, but there is a problem. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, by way of The Sportster, says that Bella is still dealing with issues from her neck surgery a year ago and even causing numbness on one side of her body at times.

With her contract expiring after WrestleMania, she is likely going to stay with the company, but no longer be an in-ring performer. They just have to be extremely careful with her and the problems with her neck.

John Cena will not be one of the final two in the Elimination Chamber

It just doesn’t seem like a big-time match at WrestleMania 33 is in the cards for John Cena, and he’s going to drop the title this weekend. BET Wrestling has Cena as the second highest favorite to win the Elimination Chamber match behind Bray Wyatt.

This may be the time that WWE has him fall a bit down the ladder and not be a prominent figure in the main event. If that is the case, it could instantly push someone such as The Miz or Dean Ambrose even in a second-place finish.

The Ascension shock everyone and win the SmackDown Tag Team Titles

A lot of the predictions going around the internet have American Alpha retaining their tag titles at the Elimination Chamber. Yes, The Ascension have turned into a bit of a running joke since hitting the main roster, but what if WWE wants to really shock everyone?

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As recapped by the WWE website, The Ascension picked up a very rare win when Viktor pinned Rhyno on SmackDown Live in a huge 12-man tag team match. Sports Keeda believes that maybe that was a turning point and putting the titles on them could make them a legitimate team again.

Bray Wyatt will win his first WWE Championship

Every single sign points to Bray Wyatt winning this match and almost every single prediction shows the same thing. Cageside Seats gives it to him in four-out-of-five picks, and it just makes sense for him to finally win the WWE Championship and have the belt in his possession.

Maybe it will happen on Sunday night or maybe it will happen when Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton have to separate as they will be WrestleMania opponents, but Luke Harper is the key. Once again, he will fall back into the fold and he may even help Bray win the title.

The Elimination Chamber is always a fun PPV because of the awesomeness that is the chamber itself and the unpredictability of it. Bray Wyatt could finally have his big night and win the WWE Championship he has been seeking for so long. On the other hand, a victory by him means that Luke Harper could end up breaking out his shell and hitting the main event scene. So many rumors are in the air, but what will really come true?

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