Sears And Kmart Stop Selling Products From The Trump Home Line

After Nordstrom decided to pull the plug on Ivanka Trump’s line of clothing citing poor sales, we now have reports of major U.S. retailers Sears and Kmart reportedly removing Trump Home items from their online inventory. According to Reuters, both Sears and Kmart removed a total of 31 Trump Home products from their online catalog. While Trump Home products were not available in any retail stores owned by Sears or Kmart, until recently, though could be bought online. According to a Sears spokesperson, the reason for taking Trump Home products off the shelf was again due to falling sales. They also said they wished to concentrate on more profitable items.

According to Sears Holdings Corp spokesman Brian Hanover, the move to remove Trump Home products was part of a move aimed at optimizing its online product assortment. Kmart is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sears Holdings.

“As part of the company’s initiative to optimize its online product assortment, we constantly refine that assortment to focus on our most profitable items,” Hanover said in a statement.

“Amid that streamlining effort, 31 Trump Home items were among the items removed online this week,”

Brian was quick to add, however, that the removed items can be bought through a third party vendor. He stopped short of giving more information about these products.

The news of both Sears and Kmart taking the products off their stores comes on the same day it was revealed that Nordstrom’s sales of Ivanka Trump’s line of clothing and shoes fell by nearly one-third in the past fiscal year. In fact, according to fresh data, the sales figures plummeted even more in the weeks before Trump was elected the President. This new report also gave credence to Nordstrom’s claim that they had taken the products off because of poor sales and that the move was not something that was politically motivated. According to The Washington Post, sales of Ivanka Trump’s products fell by more than 70 percent in the second, third and fourth week of October.

Donald Trump had however alleged that Nordstrom had treated Ivanka very unfairly and even tweeted about it.

Even White House spokesman Sean Spicer had termed Nordstrom’s decision a “direct attack” on the president’s policies.

In case you are unaware what the Trump Home collection includes, here is a low down. As evident from its name, Trump Home deals with products like furniture, lighting, bedding, mirrors, and chandeliers. Many of these products are made by vendors who also make these for Trump hotels.

Meanwhile, reactions from people have been mixed when they were told about the removal of Trump Home products from Sears and Kmart stores. Trump supporters were visibly upset. One person wrote on Facebook;

“Kmart and sears were happy to have trump items until their candidate Hillary lost. Nothing more than politics and this will only hasten Kmart and sears’ death spiral. Walking through sears is like walking through a graveyard. And Kmarts are getting harder and harder to find anymore.”

Another person who wasn’t happy with Kmart wrote the following.

“Kmart closed about 120 stores in 2016 and has 100 targeted for closure this year with more to come. Only Kmarts left are in neighborhoods where the main currency is EBT. Kmart is a loser just like those who oppose America and her President.”

Others, however, were a happy lot. Another person refused to believe the move was a conspiracy against Trump.

“If his overpriced, made-in-China products isn’t selling, stores are going to stop carrying it. The same goes for his spalpeens over priced, made-in-China crap (why doesn’t that family make anything in the USA?). That’s called the free market.”

Do you think these new decisions taken by large retailers against Trump are indeed politically motivated?

[Featured Image by Elise Amendola/AP Images]