Michelle Obama Update: Ex-First Lady To Star As ‘Judge’ In Reality TV Show

Mrs. O is coming to reality TV, folks! According to an AOL Entertainment News report, Michelle Obama is headed back to work and setting her sights on a Gordon Ramsay cooking show.

Michelle Obama has been vacationing as a civilian for the first time since leaving the White House weeks ago. The former First Lady and her husband have been guests of Sir Richard Branson on his private island in the Virgin Islands. All good things come to an end; it’s time to get back to work and earn a paycheck — not that she needs to work, as many presume.

Politico wrote that that Barack and Michelle Obama are lining up speaking engagements and book deals. As Mr. O often says, that’s “pretty cool.”

Michelle is set to join the Ramsay’s MasterChef Junior reality show where she will serve as a guest panelist. There’s some confusion over Obama making a cooking show her first choice.

However, during her tenure as First Lady, Michelle was a strong voice against obesity in childhood. She was instrumental in developing the “Let’s Move” program that teaches the fundamentals and benefits of exercise and maintaining a healthy body weight.

On the food side, Michelle’s program inspires kids to eat clean and make proper food choices. Therefore, it makes perfect sense for Mrs. Obama to join MasterChef Junior as a guest judge, as the media portal points out.

Barack Obama’s wife joins other big names in the entertainment industry: the Muppets and cooking diva Martha Stewart. Yes, the Muppets are foodies! Who knew?

As sources say, Michelle Obama is quite comfortable in front of the camera. As a public figure, that’s probably the easiest part of her new gig. She’s appeared on another cooking reality TV show in the past. At a White House taping in 2016, Michelle hosted an episode of Barefoot Contessa with its host, Ina Garten.

There’s no word if Michelle’s family will join her on the set. The couple will reside in Washington for two years or until their daughter, Sasha Obama, completes high school. Barack and Michelle have arranged to rent a friend’s mansion during their stay, according to Inquisitr.

Meanwhile, Malia Obama is in New York as part of her new internship with the Harvey Weinstein Company. Insiders say she is assimilating well to the Big Apple and New Yorkers went bonkers over her arrival.

According to Fox‘s website about the reality television show, “MC J” features “sixteen of the country’s finest junior home cooks compete for the title of MASTERCHEF!”

Based on information gleaned from IMDb‘s site, the television series launched in 2013 and has recorded over 30 episodes as of this writing. The show is based on Junior MasterChef series’ format in the United Kingdom.

The show features a lineup of some of the finest junior cooks in the nation that compete against one another and present their final dishes to a panel of judges — one of whom will be Michelle Obama in an upcoming episode.

Unlike his series for grown up aspiring celebrity chefs, Ramsay goes easy on the junior cooks. No, there’s no F-bombing, utensil-tossing and storming off the set until the “wannabe” chefs create the perfect soufflé.

However, the level of alleged bully behavior during a particular competition upset one reviewer of the series. In an October 2013 post, the user vsersch15 published the review titled, “Promote Bullying?”

“In the day and age we’re in, facing a huge problem with bullying, I think last nights show was terrible. Troy bullied that little girl almost the whole time they were in the kitchen and he gets kudos for it. I know no one patted him on the back for it but the underlying message is that it’s OK to have bullying, even in a working situation and it’s NOT.”

Michelle Obama, during her time as First Lady, was an advocate for anti-bullying programs and initiatives. Do you think Mrs. O would have tolerated the behavior of this type had she been on the reality TV series at the time?

[Featured Image by Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images]