‘Prison Break’ Season 5 Cast Reveal Details About 2017 Revival

Prison Break Season 5 is returning in 2017 and Dominic Purcell, who portrays Lincoln Burrows, reveals how the popular series was revived and it has to do with Netflix and The Flash.

Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell worked with each other on CW’s The Flash as Captain Cold and Heatwave. They had not seen each other for a long time and Miller semi-retired from acting. They began to talk about Prison Break and they began to talk to Fox and reviving the series, according to TV Guide.

“Wentworth and I were working on The Flash, and we hadn’t seen each other for quite some time, we just started to talk about Prison Break. Before we knew it we were at Fox talking to them about [revisiting] the show. And it was more or less greenlit pretty fast.”

The previous seasons of Prison Break are one of the most watched shows on Netflix. Therefore, despite the series ending many years ago, there is renewed interest from old and new fans alike.


Prison Break Season 5 will feature nine episodes, although 10 were originally planned. However, due to scheduling conflicts, two episodes have been combined into one. The fifth season has an official release date of Tuesday, April 4, 2017. Most of the original cast will be returning, such as Sara Tancredi, Fernando Sucre, T-Bag and the resourceful C-Note. The cast names include Sarah Wayne Callies, Amaury Nolasco, Robert Knepper, Rockmond Dunbar and Paul Adelstein.

The trailer for Season 5 of Prison Break reveals that Michael Scofield has come back from the dead and is imprisoned in Yemen. T-Bag brings the information to Lincoln, who is skeptical, but hopeful enough to believe his brother may still be alive.

Lincoln then confirms that Michael is alive and helps the brother who once got him out of death row plan his escape. Cast members have revealed that Michael is not the same and may have joined a terrorist cell since his disappearance. It is strongly suggested that his death was staged and Wentworth Miller has assured fans that it will all make sense how he is still alive.

Sara Tancredi has moved on since Michael’s alleged death and has a love interest played by Mark Feuerstein of Royal Pains. Tancredi is married and is raising Michael’s son. When asked about the love affair, Miller reveals that Scofield may not have moved on like Sara. Wentworth Miller suggests that Scofield may not deserve to have a happy ending due to his activities over the years as he may have crossed the moral line. Many fans of the series are questioning T-Bag’s motives and Robert Knepper, who plays the sociopath, has suggested his character may have changed where season 4 left off.

Wentworth Miller spoke to Digital Spy about the 2017 revival of Prison Break Season 5 and teased more episodes, depending on the response from fans.

“I can tell you it’s seven years later, and you can expect a lot more of the same things that you loved first time around. And it will also be quite different as the characters have changed, so my character in particular is no longer just a hero – he’s a few other things as well. I think the fans will get a kick out of it.”

Miller also spoke about the pressure and responsibility surrounding bringing Prison Break back after so many years after the popular series ended.

“I felt responsible – we all felt responsible in that if we’re going to do this, do it right. We wanted to add to what already exists, which is what a lot of people love and appreciate. We don’t want to add something what’s not in equal value and let anyone down. So we worked really hard.”

Prison Break Season 5 returns in April 2017 with nine episodes. Who are your favorite characters and your predictions?

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