George Clooney Disobeyed The 12-Week Rule To Tell Matt Damon His Baby News

Matt Damon had the task of keeping George and Amal Clooney’s baby news a secret, as the actor informed his friend of the pregnancy well before the second trimester.

Matt has been quoted as saying George informed him that he and Amal were expecting twins, as the two actors worked together last fall, according to USA Today.

“We were working together last fall and he came up to me on set and took me aside and told me and I was so happy for him.”

When Damon asked Clooney how far along Amal was in the pregnancy, he was surprised to learn she was only eight weeks. It seems the 55-year-old Clooney wasn’t aware there was a rule about waiting three months before telling friends and family about the pregnancy news.

“I said, ‘How are along are you?’ And he said ‘eight weeks!’ And I said, ‘Don’t say anything!’ ” Damon joked. “He didn’t know the 12-week rule. You’re supposed to wait!”

Of course, George was too excited not to tell one of his closest Hollywood pals the good news, as he’ll be a first time dad. But luckily for he and Amal, Matt was able to keep the news hush-hush until the couple was ready to inform the public they’re expecting twins in June.

USA Today also reported that Clooney didn’t even have to ask Damon to keep the news a secret as he trusts his friend that much. Of course, Matt did inform his wife, who immediately contacted Amal to congratulate her.

“(Clooney) never even said, ‘Don’t tell anybody,'” Damon told Entertainment Tonight. “He told me (and) I’m sure he knew I’d tell my wife (Luciana Barroso). My wife wrote to Amal immediately, ‘Congratulations.'”

While Damon has four daughters of his own, he said he can’t imagine what having twins will be like for George and Amal, as two babies means chaos.

“I’ve never had twins. He has it coming,” he told ET. “It’s going to be a huge challenge, I mean, one baby cries, wakes the other up. It’s going to be on in that household.”

However crazy that life may get, though, Damon says George and Amal will be able to handle it, as they’re both loving people. And when it comes to missing sleep due to two newborns, Matt said it’ll be a piece of cake for George.

“…he doesn’t sleep a lot anyway. He’ll be all right. I’m serious, he’s got a hell of a work ethic.”

Of course, raising two babies is a bit different than the work George is used to, but it seems the veteran actor is more than excited at the prospect of becoming a dad.

George reportedly told The Talk host Julie Chen in late January that he and Amal were indeed expecting, but didn’t give her the green light to report it until this week, according E! News.

“According to the details released by The Talk, Julie got the scoop from George himself late last month — so perhaps the Clooneys, in deciding that today was the day, figured that they may as well let their longtime friend’s show get the glory, since most everyone was onto them anyway.”

While most celebrities seem to make big announcements via social media or during interviews, George and Amal decided to confirm the news in person to Chen.

But of course, George had already told Damon before taking it public, as the two friends bonded over the news. In fact, Damon said he almost started crying on set when Clooney informed him.

“I was working with him last fall and he pulled me aside on set and I mean, I almost started crying. I was so happy for him.”

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