‘Dragon Ball Super’ Ep 78, Ep 79: U7 Vs. U9 Match Details, Predictions, And More

Dragon Ball Super has officially started the Universe Survival Arc, and the saga’s exciting matches are set to begin within the next couple of weeks. With the existence of the 12 remaining Dragon Ball universes hanging in the balance, the stakes have never been higher in the anime. If a recent set of leaks are any indication, it appears that one of the participating universes might see themselves eradicated early as a result of the deadly Tournament of Power.

A new set of details for Dragon Ball Super Episode 78 and Episode 79 have recently been released. Translated by popular fan translator Todd Blankenship, the next couple of episodes’ summaries from Newtype, Weekly Shonen Jump, and FujiTV have revealed the first major battles in the upcoming multiverse tournament. While Episode 78, “The Gods of Every Universe in Shock?! Losers Erased in ‘The Tournament of Power,'” appears to be a build-up for the first round of battles, things are set to get a lot more serious with Episode 79, “Universe 9’s Kicker Basil vs Universe 7’s Majin Buu!!”

Dragon Ball Super Episode 78 would feature the 12 Gods of Destruction being briefed by the two Omni Kings about the stipulations of the Tournament of Power. While the details of the multiverse tournament are sure to get the 12 gods aghast, there is very little they could do in order to oppose the two Zenos. The intensity of DBS would pick up with Episode 79, when the Omni Kings officially launch the tournament, starting with a battle between the fighters of Universe 9 and Universe 7.

Universe 9's Basil is set to give Universe 7's Majin Buu a difficult fight in 'Dragon Ball Super.'

A recent Kazenshuu report has revealed the first profiles of some new characters in Dragon Ball Super‘s upcoming saga. As it turned out, the first new God of Destruction that was revealed a couple of weeks ago was from Universe 9. Called Sidra, the dwarvish GoD was revealed to be quite indecisive when it comes to his duties as a destroyer. While this revelation all but confirms the notion that he would not be a threat to Universe 7, his fighters appear to be in a different league completely.

According to the leaked summaries for Episode 79, the first match of Dragon Ball Super‘s Tournament of Power would involve Goku, Gohan, and Buu of Universe 7 fighting against three wolf siblings, called Trio the Dangers, of Universe 9. Fortunately, the released summaries, as well as the previous previews for the Tournament of Power, appear to have provided clues as to how the upcoming battles would play out.

The first match of the Tournament of Power, set to begin on Dragon Ball Super Episode 79, would be between Majin Buu and Basil, an agile and deadly fighter from the Universe 9 team. Summaries for the episode suggest that Buu will find himself at a disadvantage during the battle, but fans have begun speculating that the character’s ability to absorb his opponents might play a valuable role in his battle with the first member of U9’s elite fighters.

The next match in the Tournament of Power might be between Goku and Bergamo, a wolf warrior who manipulates poison. While there has been no information on whether the Goku vs. Bergamo fight would happen immediately after Buu’s battle or if it would be the final fight in the Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power’s preview match, previous teasers for the arc and visuals for the new opening theme suggest that the Saiyan would easily trump his opponent from Universe 9.

The fighters from Universe 9 of 'Dragon Ball Super' might become fodder for Beerus' Universe 7 team.

The third (or second, if the Goku vs. Bergamo match plays last) match in the first round of Dragon Ball Super‘s Tournament of Power would be between Gohan and Lavenda, the oldest brother in Trio the Dangers. No information is currently available with regards to Lavenda, though his designation as the final member of Universe 9’s deadly team of combatants suggests that Gohan might very well find his hands full during his match with the wolf fighter.

If there is anything that Dragon Ball Super has proved during the recently-concluded Future Trunks arc, it is that the plot of the anime could get quite unpredictable. Thus, while speculations are pretty high that the Universe 7 fighters would trump their counterparts from Universe 9, there is also a good chance for Beerus’ team to lose the Tournament of Power’s debut round. Doing so would be an interesting twist in the anime since it would force Goku and his allies to fight in order to restore their home.

Of course, Universe 9’s team could easily be fodder for the Universe 7 fighters. The fact that U9’s God of Destruction, Sidra, is revealed to be indecisive is already a pretty big clue as to how different he is from Beerus of Universe 7. Between the two destruction gods, it is quite easy to determine who is stronger. Thus, the fighters from Universe 9 might very well be the sacrificial lamb for the Universe Survival Arc. Considering Dragon Ball Super‘s plot so far, things could definitely go either way.

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