Prince Charles Assault Planned To Be A Bucket Of Manure

Prince Charles avoided an assault planned to be a bucket of manure straight to the face. The Prince Charles assault was planned for when the Prince of Wales and his wife, Duchess of Cornwall Camilla, were scheduled to tour New Zealand. An anti-monarchy protester was arrested in Auckland for allegedly planning the attack. He was literally caught “manure-handed.”

In a premeditated arrest, 74-year-old Sam Bracanov was seen by police CCTV to be carrying a “suspicious” object. Police arrested Bracanov for “preparing to commit an assault,” which Bracanov has pleaded not guilty to, and released him on bail.

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall are scheduled to take a tour of New Zealand as part of the Diamond Jubilee tour, which is a celebration held to mark a 75th anniversary. The couple has already toured Papua New Guinea and Australia as part of the Diamond Jubilee celebration.

Bracanov is an anti-monarchist, or anti-royalist, which is why he had the Prince Charles assault planned out. In the past, he reportedly has attempted to assault various royalty. In 1988, Bracanov successfully implemented the same plan, assaulting King Juan Carlos of Spain with a bucket of manure. In 1994, Bracanov tried to spray the Prince of Wales and the Queen with air freshener “to remove the stink of royalty,” according to MSN. “We don’t tolerate royalist fools poncing around,” one unnamed protester said.

“I would have done it,” Bracanov said. “He didn’t qualify [for his position] with his brain, he qualified with his body, and what (the) body [produces] goes to toilet, so I would hit him with what goes to toilet.”

An opinion poll found 74 percent of New Zealanders favored retaining a monarchy with Queen Elizabeth II as head of state. Only 19 percent supported switching New Zealand to a republic, which would make it the same type of government as the United States. Seven percent were undecided. Other than the bucket of manure planned for Prince Charles, the small numbers of Republicans have peacefully demonstrated at events during Charles and Camilla’s trip.

What do you think: Did the planned Prince Charles “assault” merit a bucket of manure?