Rita Ora Gets Squirmy When Asked About the Famous Men She’s Been Linked To

Rita Ora went on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live to promote her new film, Fifty Shades Darker, and her new show, America’s Next Top Model. However, the British pop star didn’t realize that most of the questions would quickly become personal.

Host Andy Cohen asked Rita Ora about her high-profile relationships with DJ Calvin Harris and reality star Rob Kardashian on the Thursday, Feb. 9 episode of Watch What Happens Live. Ora, 26, got rather uncomfortable when the interest turned to her love life. When she was asked about the 33-year-old Scottish music producer, whom she dated from May 2013 through early 2014, reports Us Weekly.

Rita wiggled around in her seat and asked, “Can we not go there right now?! Is this ‘Bring Rita’s Whole Past to the TV?'”

She eventually opened up about her past with Harris, stating that there is no bad blood between the two despite their very public breakup. As previously reported, the “How Deep Is Your Love” artist went on a series of Twitter rants against Ora following their split.

“We’re good friends now,” she said. “I don’t keep grudges with anybody.”

calvin harris rita ora still friends

Then, Ora was asked her thoughts on when Harris lashed out at his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift on Twitter after her team revealed that she co-wrote his 2016 single “This is What You Came For” featuring Rihanna.

“Everybody uses social media as they want,” Rita said. “I choose not to [attack people], so that’s just my personal way to express myself. But everyone does their own thing.”

When asked if it’s weird to read a tabloid and see her ex with someone else, Ora said that it kind of was, but she tries to avoid it.

“I don’t really read magazines that much anymore, but [in] a usual breakup you don’t really see your ex all over the place,” she said. “You just take it with a pinch of salt and keep going with your own life and just make the most of what you are, you know what I mean?”

rita ora love life

In response to a question about her relationship with Rob Kardashian, 29, — whom she dated in 2012 – she was very kind about the reality star, saying that she only has “positive vibes” for the new father of his daughter, Dream, 3 months, with his fiancée Blac Chyna.

Cohen also mentioned the rumors that Ora hooked up with Zayn Malik. She looked over at her fellow guest Bachelor star Nick Viall in shock and said, “You know what, I feel like I’m getting completely roasted right now for no reason! He’s had four seasons of finding love, and I’m getting scrutinized for who the f*** I’m dating. No way this is happening!”

This interrogation comes after the rumors that Rita gave an ANTM the boot because they both shared a past with Calvin. A former contestant who goes by the name Krislian Rodriguez slammed the singer for treating her unfairly on the modeling competition series. She called Rita a “mean girl” for kicking her off the show due to the fact that she dated the judge’s famous ex-boyfriend.

“We did date, yes,” she told TMZ. “Going into the show Rita already knew who I was so I was at a disadvantage.”

She went on to say that her experience on the show “kinda sucked” since they both shared a past with the musician. She told the news outlet that Ora even slammed her for “oozing sex” when giving her the boot in an early episode of the reality show.


“There was definitely some rivalry happening with her, which I didn’t understand,” Rodriguez added. “It’s not the first time I’ve bumped into her since the Calvin thing happened. It was more like a ‘Mean Girls’ situation. I would say Rita Ora was more like a Regina George.”

Krislian reportedly dated Calvin on the set of his music video shortly after he split from Rita in 2014, reports The Sun. He also briefly dated model Aarika Wolf before he dated Taylor Swift from late March 2015 to June 2016. Meanwhile, Rita has been linked to Richard Hilfiger, Aaron Watt, and Justin Bieber. Rita has not responded to Krislian’s accusations.

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