Police Find Five Dead In Ohio Garage: Intentional Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Suspected [Video]

Police in Ohio broke into a garage Monday afternoon and found five people dead of apparent carbon monoxide poisoning.

According to the Toledo Blade, Randy Ford of Toledo called police Monday to say that he had returned home and found suspicious notes in the house from his wife, son, and grandkids.

Mr. Ford went on to say he be­came “con­cerned” and tried to find his fam­ily and then re­al­ized the ga­rage door was locked and “bar­ri­caded” from the in­side.

Upon their arrival, authorities used a sledgehammer to gain entry into the garage and discovered the five victims — identified as Sandy Ford, 54; her son Andy Ford, 32; and her grandchildren, ages 10, 6, and 5 — dead inside.

Investigators say a hose had been run from the exhaust pipe of a pick-up truck into the window of the car in which the bodies were found.

“Nobody wants to see five dead people. It’s a very unpleasant scene,” Toledo Police Sergeant Joe Heffernan told local television station WNWO.

The Blade notes that Sandy Ford was the pri­mary care­giver for the three chil­dren; Andy Ford also lived at the home, neigh­bors said. The chil­dren’s par­ents are Chris­to­pher Hayes, 38, and Mandy Hayes, 35, of Syl­va­nia.

Ser­geant Hef­fer­nan said the par­ents were in the pro­cess of get­ting full cus­tody, and po­lice be­lieve that was the mo­tive for the al­leged mur­ders and suicides.

He said carbon monoxide poisoning was suspected as the cause of the deaths.

ABC 57 News has more on the tragic Ohio carbon monoxide murder suicide case in the video below: