Girl Tracks Down Her Biological Father After 20 Years Then Starts Sexual Relationship With Him

Katrina Yates was overjoyed that her daughter Nicola seemed to found someone she had fallen in love with. Nicola told her mother she had started seeing a man named Andy and that they were moving in together after 10 months of being together. Katrina wanted to meet “Andy” because she was worried about her daughter’s well being. What she found out left her shocked and disgusted. It turns out Andy was Andrew Butler, Nicola’s biological father. Nicola had tracked him down on the internet and, even knowing it was her biological dad, started a sexual relationship with him, according to The Sun.

Physically disgusted by her discovery, Katrina turned Nicola and her father in to the police. When she was filling out the report, she found out that the police already knew about the affair. Andrew Butler was married with two kids when he started his relationship with his daughter and his wife turned them into the police. Butler and Nicola were charged with having a sex with an adult relative. Butler was sent to prison; Nicola was given probation. Both told the court they would refrain from contact with each other.

Now they have both disappeared, and Katrina is really worried.

She told The Sun:

“I feel like I am living in a nightmare, it is revolting. When Nicola tracked down her dad, she had no doubt that it was her biological father. Then they started having sex. It is disgusting.”

Katrina had separated from Andrew when Nicola was 4 years old. Katrina didn’t think there was anything wrong with Andrew; they had just grown apart. Katrina got remarried, and, even though he only lived ten miles away, Andrew had no further contact with Nicola.

Nicola started trying to track down her dad when she turned 18 and found him through the website Genes United. It was then that she told her mother about her new boyfriend Andy.

Katrina said:

“Nicola said it was casual and didn’t want to introduce him to us too early. I wasn’t concerned at first. She told me when they broke up a few times, so it didn’t seem that serious. But when she announced she was moving in with him ten months later, without me even meeting him, I was worried.”Nicola kept making excuses why her mother was not able to meet “Andy”. It was when Katrina got her hands on a picture of “Andy” she felt physically sick to see her ex -husband looking back at her from the photograph.

Katrina said:

“I kept trying to think perhaps her boyfriend just looked like Andrew. Then I stormed over to Nicola’s flat. She tried to deny they were having a sexual relationship but it was clear something was going on. I sobbed with horror. I told Nicola I had to tell the police. She was furious. I couldn’t believe she was defending their behavior. I said it was perverted but she wouldn’t listen.

Now Katrina is searching for her daughter and just hopes she is ok.

How disgusted are you by this relationship?