January 3, 2017
WWE News: Jimmy Snuka Cleared Of All Murder Charges

The murder charges against WWE Hall of Fame superstar "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka have been dropped and the murder trial against him will no longer continue. Fox Sports reported that Judge Kelly L. Banach dismissed all charges against Snuka because he is not competent to stand trial in the case.

The Jimmy Snuka murder trial started back in 2015 when prosecutors charged him with third-degree murder of Nancy Argentino. On May 11, 1983, Argentino died after suffering traumatic head injuries. Snuka was dating her at the time and had left her at a motel while going to wrestle for the WWE.

According to Jimmy Snuka at the time, the two of them were messing around and she fell to the ground. He said he didn't know there was anything wrong with her until he returned to the motel after the WWE show and found her.

411mania reported that Jimmy Snuka released an autobiography in 2012 and said that she had fallen and hit her head on a rock when she was going to the bathroom. Once again, Snuka said he returned from the WWE event and found out how badly she was injured. His stories changed over the years.

In 2015, the investigation was reopened into the death and the prosecutors believed that the original case was not followed through properly. The new prosecutors chose to file the third-degree murder charges against Jimmy Snuka and the trial went forward.

From the start of the Jimmy Snuka murder trial, his attorneys claimed he was not fit to stand trial and answer to the allegations. They claimed that years of traumatic brain damage from wrestling in the WWE had caused dementia and he did not understand the charges against him.

His attorneys even brought a video of the Piper's Pit episode where Rowdy Roddy Piper smashed a coconut over the head of Jimmy Snuka. It was instances like this that they claimed caused his dementia.

Jimmy Snuka is also suffering from terminal cancer and doctors expect him to die within the next six months. The infections from this disease are also allegedly causing him to suffer from "hysteria and delusions."

The prosecutors did not believe that the medical concerns should cause an end to the Jimmy Snuka murder trial. They brought out a video of Snuka wrestling at a show from shortly before the trial began, showing that he was still capable of performing and working.

The judge found Jimmy Snuka mentally incompetent of standing trial for the murder in June 2016 but she ordered him to return to reconsider the judgment at a later date. Today, the Lehigh County judge dismissed all murder charges against Jimmy Snuka, believing that he will not recover enough to stand trial.

According to a spokeswoman for the district attorney's office, they are evaluating the decision and their options before they make a decision on what they plan to do next.


The WWE took swift action when the Jimmy Snuka murder trial began. They suspended his legend's deal with the company and removed his bio from the WWE Hall of Fame portion of their website. There is no word yet on what the WWE will do now that the murder charges were dropped but the reason for the dropped charges may mean that the WWE doesn't reinstate Snuka and will possibly wait until his death to make mention of the former WWE superstar again.

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