Watching The Super Bowl Is An American Tradition

Lucy Santos

Super Bowl Sunday is a sporting event that brings Americans, from all walks of life, together. As fans watch the Super Bowl, they do not discuss politics, and they forget the climate of political divisiveness across America. For a couple of hours, they toss the worries of their daily lives to the wind as they are fixated on the game.

Each fan has their own favorite team that they hope will win. During the Super Bowl LI, which was the first Super Bowl that ran into overtime, some aficionados were cheering for the Patriots while others roared for the Falcons. When the Patriots beat the Falcons 34-28, Patriots fans had a real celebration.

After the historic Super Bowl game, the New England Patriots, as well as their fans, continued to celebrate their Super Bowl win with a parade in Boston. However, the fans of the Falcons should not be too upset, for the Falcons are champions too because they made it to the Super Bowl, and that is a distinction that makes them the second best of all the other NFL teams.

No matter who wins the Super Bowl, there are always many lessons that we can learn from this game. If people work together, rather than against each other, they can achieve their goals. Football is a sport of great mental skill, exceptional concentration, physical endurance, athleticism and courage among many other qualities. Even athletes who possess all of these characteristics can never become professional football players if they do not work with each other.

During the Super Bowl, we saw that all the unity among the players leads to a touchdown. At Super Bowl LI, Tom Brady was the star quarterback who led the Patriots in their win against the Falcons. Without the help of all of his teammates, he would have never been so successful. Brady was the player of the Patriots who received the most publicity from his victory in Super Bowl LI, but every team member had their own memorable moments as well.

Reports across the internet are describing Super Bowl LI as Brady's great comeback. Boy, was it ever! Brady became the first quarterback in NFL history to bring home five Super Bowl rings. He acquired his fourth Super Bowl MVP for spearheading a 25-point comeback. Using his Herculean arms, Brady set a record 466 passing yards. As he played in Super Bowl LI, his seventh championship, he also set the record for the most Super Bowls played.

The story of Tom Brady is inspiring, despite several setbacks he has still managed to have a highly successful career in the NFL that will go down in the record books. In the 2008 season, a knee injury kept him off the football field. As a result of his injury, he had several surgeries and, and he also went through rehabilitation to make his knee strong again. Some sports analysts and fans even wondered if this was the end of his career, but Brady came back to the Patriots n 2010 stronger and better than ever before.

Another obstacle that Brady faced was the Deflate gate scandal when investigators found that 12 balls that the Patriots used were under-inflated. Brady said that he never tampered with those game balls. In 2015 season, Brady was suspended due to the Deflategate scandal. However, Brady fought back by filing a lawsuit to have his suspension overturned. One judge made a ruling in his favor, but in 2016, another judge overturned his decision, and Brady was back at the bench. Due to his suspension, he missed four games of the 2016 season.

The Deflategate scandal showed the world how tough Brady really was outside of the football field. Despite all the negative media attention that surrounded him, he still managed to concentrate on his passion, football. In front of millions of fans worldwide, he proved that he was a real winner during Super Bowl LI and gained the redemption of the public once again.

Ever since the first NFL Super Bowl game was played on January 15, 1967, at the Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles, California, a game in which the Green Bay Packers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 35-10, many Americans still continue to be fascinated with football. It is not only about the Adrenalin rush that we get when the team that we love wins the game. It is also about the inspiring stories of exceptional players like Brady and even those of the rookies that motivate us in our daily lives.

[Featured Image by Billie Weiss/Getty Images]