Sia Donates Money To Protest Trump’s Immigration Order

Sia has just joined a major anti-Trump campaign, according to Forbes. The 41-year-old Australian singer – just like many other musicians – appears to be upset about U.S. President Donald Trump’s immigration order.

Ever since Trump signed the controversial executive order barring immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the U.S., the media – and big name celebs – went crazy. Sia, Grimes, and Jack Antonoff are the latest music stars to lash out against Trump.

While protests erupted at airports across the country, people started making donations to oppose the controversial immigrant order, which many call Islamophobic.

Although no money can actually revoke Trump’s immigration order (in fact, no presidential executive order can be revoked via donations), Sia and other musicians are urging their fans and social media followers to make donations to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

While Rihanna took to social media to call Trump an “immoral pig,” other musicians decided to open their huge wallets and offer to match donations if fans shared their receipts proving that they had donated.

Sia, for her part, tweeted out a message calling on her 2.8 million followers to “help our queer & immigrant friends” to donate to the ACLU. The “Cheap Thrills” singer asked her fans to share their donation receipts, and promised that she would match up to $100,000.

A quick look at the tweet, which Sia shared on January 28, shows hundreds of responses from her fans attaching screenshots of their donations receipts. Although the “Cheap Thrills” singer herself hasn’t provided any kind of receipt proving her own donation, the target donation from her fans of $100,000 has most likely been achieved.

Since the tweet from Sia, even several high-profile figures followed suit. Forbes claims the “Move Your Body” singer has so far helped raise over $300,000 for the ACLU. However, there’s no telling how the organization is going to use the money.

While Sia and others are generously donating their money to the ACLU, several media outlets scrambled through the U.S. laws to find loopholes that may mean that Trump’s immigration order could be revoked.

As it turns out, there are three ways that an executive order could be revoked, but none of them have anything to do with money donations to the ACLU, as many of Sia’s fans may believe. The ACLU is simply pledging to “defend free speech and the right to protest,” as stated on its website, without specifying how the donations will be used.

Interestingly, Sia, Grimes, and Antonoff alone helped raised over a quarter of a million for the ACLU, while the total amount of donations has gone through the roof. The ACLU reported last weekend that it had so far raised over $10 million, which is twice the amount the organization raised in 2016.

Sia has always been candid about her past struggles with drug and alcohol abuse, and it turns out the “Chandelier” singer has been helping others overcome addictions, according to Pop Crush.

Brooke Candy, the rapper and singer, recently opened up to Fashion Unfiltered how Sia helped her kick the habit. The rapper revealed that she was “basically homeless” struggling to earn a living, when Sia found her and offered to write a whole album for her and help her navigate “this disgusting fame industry.”

And it looks like their collaboration turned out pretty fantastically, as Candy’s “Living Out Loud” featuring Sia has become the lead single of the rapper’s upcoming label debut called The Daddy Issues, which is set to be released this year. Sia released her latest album This Is Acting in 2016.

[Featured Image by Rich Fury/AP Images]