‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers For Season 7, Episode 9: ‘Rock In The Road’ [Video]

The Walking Dead Season 7B is coming back with the explosive Episode 9 and fans can expect this to be the major turning point in the season that everyone has been waiting for. For every episode that seemed to drag on in Season 7A of The Walking Dead, it will all pay off this latter half of the season.

Everyone knows that if you are going to build an army, you need an excellent recruiter that can come in with the voice of reason and rally a crowd to go beyond their strengths for the greater good.

Rick Grimes is just that in Episode 9 of The Walking Dead, titled “Rock in the Road,” as reported by TV Guide. The big meeting between Alexandria and the Kingdom is finally going to take place and there will be another reunion between Rick and Morgan, which was a long time in the making.

When executive producer Greg Nicotero spoke with TV Guide about what fans are going to get in Season 7B of The Walking Dead, he also gave some unique insights into how it parallels the Season 6 mid-season premiere.

“I feel like [The Walking Dead Season 7B premiere] feels like an offshoot of our midseason premiere last year,” Greg Nicotero told TV Guide. “If you remember, all the walkers invaded Alexandria, and Rick and his group and the Alexandrians all realized that in order to survive, that particular community needed to fight together. That was a small part of the lesson that I think he’s now realizing, which is, it’s not just my small community that needs to work together to survive, it’s every community. So he’s in recruitment mode, he’s in full recruitment mode.”

That really sets the stage for what is to come on Episode 9 of The Walking Dead. If it starts off with nothing but recruitment, then that means they are serious about making an offensive against Negan and the Saviors. This also means that the slow, walking pace of Season 7A on The Walking Dead is over and the pacing is going to pick up right from the beginning of Season 7B in Episode 9.

“I don’t think Rick would have been this guy if he hadn’t gone through what he went through in Season 6 and now in Season 7,” Greg Nicotero said. “We spend time laying the groundwork for what turns out to be great opportunities for the show to really start accelerating in pace. As we’ve done in a lot of our other seasons, the second half of the season seems to go at a much quicker, more breakneck pace in terms of introducing new characters, in terms of changing things around.”

Greg Nicotero also said that the Season Finale of The Walking Dead was “a complete blast to shoot,” which leads us to believe that there is going to be some justice dealt out in some way.

But fans of The Walking Dead need to remember that Negan has lived long past this era in the Walking Dead comic books and Jeffrey Dean Morgan has a multi-season contract on the show, so don’t expect him to get killed off anytime soon.

There is also the fact that Morgan and Carol do not know what has transpired so far on The Walking Dead Season 7. So that means when Rick finally does see Morgan, he will be forced to give him the bad news. Morgan will then take that news to Carol, and there is every indication that the character she has become will force herself out of retirement to seek revenge.

Fans of The Walking Dead can catch Episode 9 of Season 7B on AMC this Sunday night.

[Featured Image by AMC]