‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Joseph Mascolo’s Final Appearance As Stefano Here?

Days of Our Lives spoilers have arrived, and it looks like Stefano’s time as a free man might be coming to an end. Stefano, whose been on the run for some time now in Prague, is going to be captured by Rafe. This will be a huge victory for Rafe considering how long he’s been looking for him. Although Rafe rounded up a whole group of people to trap the villain, he was really desperate to catch him himself so that he could feel vindication.

According to a spoilers article by Christian Post, Rafe will stumble upon proof that he needs to free Hope. As Days of Our Lives fans are aware, Hope was convicted of murdering Stefano when she shot him, but Days has repeated history, and Stefano managed to escape death yet again.

Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that after Rafe captures him, he’s convinced that all he has to do is bring him back to Salem. That said, there’s a little problem that will eventually be addressed — Hope has been on the run since the group went to Prague. Hope escaped prison after her life was threatened by two dangerous inmates. Instead of staying in prison and risking her life, she decided to escape, but she’s in bigger trouble than she could have predicted.

After fighting off a life-threatening fever at Eric’s farmhouse, Hope is back in Salem to visit her friend Hattie. That said, she was spotted by Raines, who has wanted her in his grasp. Spoilers state that the former cop corners her in an alley and shots are fired in her direction. Right now we’re not sure if she’s safe, but Days of Our Lives fans can probably guess that it’s probably best if Rafe comes home soon.

Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that while Rafe will be able to catch the popular Days of Our Lives villain, Stefano will have a plan, so he’s not going to look too upset about being captured. While he’s behind bars, spoilers say that viewers will see his signature smile. It’s said that this hints he’s up to something and won’t stay behind bars for long. Shane and Steve discover his disappearance when they return to check up on him. So far there’s no word how Rafe will react, but we’re willing to bet he’s not going to be happy with this development.

This last trick will be bittersweet for fans. As we know Days of Our Lives shoots six months in advance, so actor Joseph Mascolo was able to film all of his scenes before his sudden death in December.

So once Days of Our Lives spoilers come true, and Stefano escapes prison it will be the final time that Joseph Mascolo will be featured on the show and the last time fans will get to see him portray the character. Mascolo had one of the longest running portrayals on the show, so his sudden loss was a hit to fans and longtime Days viewers.

For a while, it seemed like producers might look into the option of recasting Stefano, but Days of Our Lives fans across the board are against this move, so it doesn’t look like a likely move if the show wants to keep its loyal fan base.

What do you think of the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers? Are you ready to say goodbye to Joseph Mascolo for good?

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