WWE Rumors: Goldberg To Become Universal Champion Ahead Of ‘WrestleMania’ Bout?

Since Goldberg’s momentous return to the WWE, the latest WWE rumors about what could be next for him have been flying. After the infamous 90-second defeat of Brock Lesnar, the excitement for the rematch between these two blockbuster superstars has been ramping up to maximum levels. Now, however, there’s a new set of WWE rumors out there that suggest that Goldberg will be entering the WrestleMania ring with the Universal Championship belt around his waist, which will make his fight against Lesnar that much more epic!

That’s the word according to WrestleZone, whose latest round of WWE rumors suggest this very possibility. The outlet spoke to the infamous wrestling commentator, Jim Ross, who suggested that even though Lesnar and Goldberg were the “old dogs” of the wrestling guard, having Goldberg go into their match with a title around his waist would be nothing if not epic for the match.

“Smart money seems to be leaning on the Wrestlemania main event being Goldberg defending the Universal Title against Brock Lesnar. You can do the math on this one. I like the booking if it goes down this way as it adds a viable wrinkle to the expected main event that was born under surprising and unlikely circumstances in November. The argument that WWE is building around two, older talents is feasible but no promotion can “save” an epic match that already has a short shelf life. Get it while one can is my way of thinking. Plus, the more eyeballs on Wrestlemania the better it is for ALL talents to turn in memorable performances in their respective matches so that they can vie for the main event spot next year in NOLA.”

Whether Goldberg comes to WrestleMania with a belt around his waist, of course, depends strictly on the results of Fastlane, where he’ll face off against Kevin Owens for the title.

And, according to the latest WWE rumors from FanRag, the benefit of the Universal Championship around Goldberg’s waist is not only beneficial to Goldberg — after all, he is a legend — but it would be beneficial to the title itself.

While the Universal title is the best title a Raw wrestler can hope to achieve, it’s not the creme de la creme of the wrestling titles. That honor, of course, goes to the World Heavyweight Championship title, which is over at the SmackDown brand. But putting the top title of the Raw brand around the waist of a legend would, in the fans’ minds, elevate the title to be on par with the World Heavyweight Championship title.

Finally, but certainly no less importantly, the latest WWE rumors from Forbes suggest that if nothing else, whether Goldberg goes into the WrestleMania match against Lesnar with or without a belt around his waist is immaterial. At the end of the day, having Goldberg on board at the WWE is good for business. The outlet released a series of statistics surrounding the ratings and earnings of the WWE since Goldberg came back into the fold, and needless to say, there’s been a vast improvement in Raw‘s fledgling ratings and earnings.

“Goldberg’s initial WWE return on Oct. 17, 2016 attracted 3.13 million viewers, an increase of 372,000 from the previous episode,” remarked Forbes.

What do you think of this latest round of WWE rumors? Leave your thoughts about these latest WWE rumors — and whether you think Goldberg will emerge from Fastlane with a belt around his waist — in the comments below.

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